Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heads Will Roll

Hi to all my Friends!

Well, here I am. It's been a while, yet again. All I can do is say I'm sorry. I'm not neglecting all of you, just caught up in a world of craziness. I just got accepted into another anthology. It's called Vault X. Pays 2 cents per word plus split royalties. But that doesn't matter much to me. It's another writing credit. Someone wanted my work, and it's a great feeling when someone wants to publish your work.

So, lets see...that would make it number eleven on my pub list. The fourth acceptance this year so far. The fourth to pay and the sixth to be in print. Heads will ROLL by God! Lol. I'm still in awe that it's finally happening. I'm finally published, finding it easier and eaiser to write better. To be fresh and crisp and a red apple still on the tree. All I can say is that I'm having the time of my life.

As for what I'm up to right now, well, the group novel is out of hiatus and back in progess again. This is a really fun project and I can't wait to see what its like altogether. My novel is moving along, sometimes in long bounds...most in short spurts and coughs. But its moving, there's that. Lol.

Well, I'll leave you to it...writing and life as you know it. Be happy, all of you. Always be happy...