Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark

Friends! How are ya? Well, here's a poem I just wrote up about an hour ago and decided to share it with you. Enjoy.

The Dark

Are you afraid of the dark?
You should be...
Things that gibber in the night under your bed
what devilish things under our beds
Things that smack liver colored lips in
The Dark
In the Darkness of our closests
Our minds
They unravel to the knowledge
Are we blind to the signs?
I wonder...
Think about the dark
Think hard about what lurks beyond the foot of
your bed
It is not all in your head...
Careful of the slumping beast in the corner
It is not a bundle of blankets
Can you not see the eyes?
They glare yellow from the shadows...
In The Dark...
So, be afraid
be wary,
bite your lower lip
to quell its trembling...
Be afriad of The Dark....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Coming Soon to the Blog Near YOU!

My Friends!

How have you all been? Lol. I've been busy as hell for the past few months. I'm a reader for Dark Recesses Press (if you are a horror writer I'd definitly check this magazine out if I were you), a horror/ dark fiction magazine and PDF. So I'm reading, writing crazily...having fun.

I think I'll be having some time to cacth up with everyone here...of course I've said that Seriously, I will be around more often now. So, if I haven't lost any of you yet...please say hello.