Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bare with me

Please bare with me. I am currently writing a glimpse of a story I'm working on. It will be a possible 5 part horror/dark fantasy story when complete. This glimpse will be out sometime in the next week. Again bare with me. It's pretty good so far, I think and if you like the dark, you might think so too. I am trying my first outline with this one, so it's taking me a little longer to get a grasp on it. Please tell me what you think about the breif glimpse of a darker world I'm about to show you. Until then I'll leave you with a poem pertaining to the story.

Lucas Pederson
Flesh and blood, blood and flesh
Monsters everywhere in a realm where death reins a vile stench
Beyond all worlds lies this place of ruin
Of decay and of horror
Beyond all human imagination this world holds domination
Afraid we must be of the creatures that dwell here
Terrified we all fear here
The man with an empty heart shall find his way here
What say you m'dear?...
Do you fear?


Christina Rundle said...

Your idea is interesting, I can't wait to see where you go with this. Just a fair warning that you might have heard before, but when you put your stories on the internet, you lose the first publishing rights. As long as this wasn't something you were looking to get published later, you'll be fine. It's not impossible to get a publisher to pick it up, it is just harder.

I'll check by again.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thank you Christina for the useful information! I changed my Bare with Me" post becasue of it. I will post an "Exclusive" glimpse of the story and if anyone wants to read the rest they can email me. Better safe than sorry I guess. Anyway thanks for stopping by.