Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another mingle with Romance

My friends,

I think I will be posting a new romance mingler either Thursday or Friday, since my last rather awkward experiment below turned out not to have enough romance. Romance isn't sex, I know that, although it does play a key, that I know as well. This next attempt will have more romance in it, but it will also mingle with another genre, and since I love horror, it will have a horror aspect to it.

The story itself is nearly finished, but I have my day job to contend with this week more so than last week. This week is my long week, so since I have Thursday and Friday off, the story will appear either of those two days. So keep a look out for it.

I want to thank everyone again for their very helpful and very honest feedback. It's helping me along, you see. You are all special to me and it's a joy to have you all reading! Thanks for being my friends, thanks for wanting to read. Later.


Travis said...

Well Sir, I put my money where my mouth is and headed out of my normal comfort zone. Check it out on Monday if you have a minute or two.

Susan Miller said...

There ya' go, Lucas. I hated myself after commenting last time. Now I love that you are "mingling with romance" again. Keep writing, my friend. I'll definitely keep reading.

Fab said...

Aha! Attempt n°2. I will check again later this week.

Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward to it. Damn that real job, damn it, I say.

Donnetta Lee said...

Lucas: I'm looking forward to the next story. Don't you just hate it that those "real" jobs get in the way! Wish I could retire! I've got a fun writers challenge over on my blog if you find the time. If not, some other time! I'll check in on you Thursday/Friday. Don't work too hard.

Kate S said...

Looking forward to the next.

Lucas, I wouldn't say that the last didn't have the makings of romance - it did, it just wasn't long enough to see it all. It definitely had the beginnings of an erotic romance. The sex and terminology in erotic romance is much more graphic and sometimes "shocking" than in traditional romantic fiction.

Lucas Pederson said...

Travis, I'm on my way, buddy!

Susan, why are you hating yourself for such a helpful comment as your last? I'm looking for honesty here, and I'm happy even if the news isn't so hot, the honesty helps me along this twisted path I have to walk toward publication. And i will be published one day. Thanks for wanting to read the next of my strange flirt with romance.

Fab, I'll look for ya! Thanks.

Charles, yeah, damn that day job! Damn it to the firey pits of Hell!!! I don't want to call it my real job though, because I honestly believe that writing is my real job. My day job, slaving the twelve hour days away for a measly $13.50 an hour, is secondary to my writing. Not to say I'm not good at what I do there int hat hot metal fab shop, I am, but it's nothing I want to make a career of. Thanks for you support, buddy! Till next time.

Donnetta, I'll go check out that challenge. Not sure if I will have time for it or not, but I'll check it out by gum! Yeah, day jobs, or, "real" jobs, suck the big one. Thanks!

Kate, glad to have you at least somewhat interested in my little venture here. Thanks a ka-trillion!
I probably haven't read enough romance novels for me to get the feel of how a traditional romace is writen. Erotic romance wasn't what I was aiming for, but I guess it's close enough. THis next story is less sex and more emotion, both good, and horrifying. Thanks for the advice!!!

Christina said...

It's good that you are trying out so many genres. Sometimes when I want to write romance, I read a few, though I have the type of books I like, Scottish Romance. lol. Anyway, keep up the work. I'm so amazed at all the genres you write in.

Lucas Pederson said...

Christina, it's good to see you! I'm experimenting with different genres. Perhaps i'll be a multi-talent, where one novel I could write as horror, then a romance, and then for my third novel, a crime story, or fantasy, or sci/fi. Probably will never happen that way, hell, I've yet to even publish a short story, but I can dream I suppose. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back to read the next romance mingler. Later.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks everyone for the support!!!!