Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Sentence Assignment...and other business

Enough of that old dusty Chop Shop...let's move on, shall we?

Follow me, my friends, let me enchant and then horrify you...

Don't ask what the hell that was all about, I don't know, a sudden rush of wonkiness I suppose.

Anyway, I feel it is due time we had another first sentence assignment. I say enough to all this hacking and slashing and creepy crawlies for a little while (not forever, of course, hee-hee). Let us try something else for a change, something, on a slightly lighter note. You be the judge though for the assignment. Write what you want to'll hear no objections from me.

For those of you who are not familiar with this: I provide a beginning sentence, and from there you take over and write a story somewhere around 2,000 words or less. Simple as pie and the rabid rat that ate it, right? Sure.
Here's your first sentence: The dragon swooped down from the sky like a winged demon, its maw yawning open to claim them.
This can be in any genre, even the obvious, which would be fantasy. But I think it could also be used as a metaphor, if done correctly. I don't know. Try it out, see what happens.

The deadline will be July 8th. I will post my contribution sometime before that.

I'll also be gone from the 28th of this month until the 2nd of July. We're going to a resort up in northern Minnesota for vacation. I'll take pictures fro all of you to see. That is, if I can get me stinking digital camera to work. It won't let me go in and delete picture to free up memory fro some reason. If anyone has any ideas on how to alleviate this problem, I'd be grateful to know...
Anyhoo. So there's your assignment. May it treat you well and inspire a great story. Until next time...Later. Oh, yeah, I'm a big fan of computer painting. Isn't that the best work of art you've ever seen? :-P


Travis said...

Have a fantastic vacation!

I will consider this line and perhaps get some words out of it.

Rodrigo said...

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Lucas Pederson said...

Travis, I will! So many fish so little time...
I sure do hope you give it a whirl. I enjoy reading your work quite a bit. Besides, it'll be fun.

Rodrigo, um, I don't understand your comment, or the language you are using. If you could try again in English, that would be great. Anyway, I assume what you wrote is kind, so I want to thank you. Thanks for visisting my blog and I hope to see you around again.

Christina said...

Interesting, I'll see what I can come up with on this.