Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cats and Christmas

My Friends!

How have you all been? Like always, I've been busy. My commitment to post more often has dwindled again and I'm trying the best I can to post more regularly.

There's a plus side to this, though. I've been writing a lot. I'm not sure I've written so many stories in all my life! It's amazing! I write at work, and then bring the notebooks home and rewrite them on the computer. I've come to enjoy this way of writing. I like to flesh out a story long hand, and then rewrite it using my computer. For some reason, not sure if it's more intimate or what, my writing seems to be improving. I'm able to entwine humor more so than ever before. It fun as hell!

Now here's the real reason, besides saying hello, of course, for this post. I have a story published in print now!!!! It's an anthology called "Cats Around the Christmas Tree". You can check it out here Christmas Cats
If nothing else, buy it for a family member for Christmas. The stories inside this small volume is worth every penny, trust me. And you can also see a non-horror piece written by yours truly., not to boast or nothing. :-)

Anyway, I hope you all at least take a gander at the excerpt and cover. I got four copies with me right now, and all of them are going to those family members and friends who love my style, if I have one, and love my stories.

Thanks to all of you!!!! Again, it's you I can't thank enough. I'll be posting a story here before Christmas. Later.


Fab said...

Am glad for you for the published story!
I will take a look at your link. Unfortunately - I'm not sure your story will be available in print here in Europe though. Still, happy for you!
And it's a good thing you have found a writing method that suits you. Makes for a happy writer!

Charles Gramlich said...

That's great news! I'm glad to hear it. I'll definetely check it out this evening.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hey there, Lucas! Congratulations to you. Keep up the good work (sounds like that is just what you are doing)! You're a writer. Yep, you are.

Kate S said...

Keep up the good work, Lucas. :)

I think cats and Christmas are a great combination. :)

Travis said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!

And YAY for you for being a writing machine.

Christina said...

Congratulations!! That is so wonderful. I'm very proud.

W. Todd Banks said...

Great work Lucas, it feels good, doesn't it?

Lucas Pederson said...
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Lucas Pederson said...

Fab, I think you can get it. Check the link. And thanks a billion! I've been using this method since I was about sixteen. Although, back then I didn't have a computer, so all my stories remained in notebooks. Hell, we didn't even have a typewriter, come to think of it. Thanks!

Charles, thanks buddy! Hope you get yourself a copy. the stories in there are great!

Donnetta, thanks!(stares at blinking cursor) Yep, I think I'm a writer too! I hope it's good work, otherwise...

Kate, thanks, and I'll keep it up as long as it'll stay up., did that sound dirty to you? Nevermind. I think it's a great combo too!

Travis,thanks fella! "I'll be back."

Christina, thanks lady! (huffs on fingernails, buffs them on shirt) I quite proud of myself too. :-) Seriously, thanks!

My God...Todd? Is that you I see? Here??? Whoa. I'm glad you stopped by! And thanks, it does feel good. It can only feel better from here on out. At least I hope so...

Vwriter said...

Hello Lucas!

I'm so happy for your success. It must feel great. I wish you many more successes, and hopefully each one will be more rewarding that the last.

The family must be ecstatic!

Donnetta Lee said...

Hello again, Lucas! Just wanted to drop by and wish your family a Merry Christmas! Have a great holiday.

Lucas Pederson said...

Hey Rick! Thanks! Yeah, their practically doing back flips. Their all great.

Thanks Donnetta! Merry Christmas to you and yours too!