Friday, October 31, 2008

Day of the Dead: The Creeper


Here's a little something to bring out the chills in you...

The Creeper

By Lucas Pederson

A sound, something under the floor.


There! Did you hear it? No? Listen again, closely this time. It's right under your feet.


See? I'm not crazy after all. At least I don't think I am. I'm sure you've heard a sound similar to that one, right? A strange sound in your house or apartment that you just couldn't explain. A noise in the dark. Bumps in the night. Sure you have. And...what if I was to tell you that it's not your water heater, or your furnace, or your central air unit? What if was to tell you that it's not an appliance of any kind?

What if I told you there's a monster under your floor? Right there under your feet as you read this. Yes. What if I told you that it's hungry? Would that unsettle you a bit? And if it doesn't, then what if I said it likes to creep out at night? Just wriggle that old floor board up and slip out into the gloom and creep around the place you live.

And...what if I say that tonight, Halloween, it plans to creep right up to your bed while you're sleeping? Its narrow red eyes will watch you as you dream. Maybe even its black tongue will slip from its serrated maw and lap at the drool seeping from the corner of your mouth. Perhaps it'll sigh in ecstasy at the taste of you. Perhaps it'll want more.

Tonight it can have more. Tonight is Halloween, after all. Tonight...all the monsters come out of hiding.

So, I suggest, if you don't want this thing near your bed tonight, licking up your drool and perhaps seriously thinking of sinking its fangs into the soft flesh under your chin, then don't go home. Just stay clear of it, at least until Halloween is over.

If you don't, thud-thump, it just might creep under your blankets...and find you.

The End...

Hope you all have a safe, fun Halloween!


laughingwolf said...

lol... spooky!

thx lucas :)

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks to you Laughingwolf! Appreciate the look see from you. And have yourself a Happy Halloween!

Charles Gramlich said...

Good, creepy, monster stuff is always welcome.

Barbara Martin said...

The tension begins to creep into the words culminating to where the reader's mind begins to listen to new sounds around them. Well done.

Travis said...

It can't get me if I don't sleep!

Great stuff as always!

Donnetta Lee said...

Chills. Chills. Trying to shake them now! You are the master, Lucas! Hope you had a creepy Halloween. D

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks everyone for reading!!!

Charles, thanks buddy!

Barbara, I'm glad this little bit got your mind reeling a bit. Lol. Thanks!

Travis, ah, but you'll have to sleep sooner or later...won't you? Lol.

Donnetta, many, many thanks! And master? Lol. Far from it, I'm afraid, but I am glad it gave you some chills. Halloween was great. Took kids trick or treating, had a good time!