Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is There a Hell?

There are some who say the only Hell that exists is the one we're living in. Life is Hell in other words. And although I presume some of these folks need to up the dosages on their medications, I think their partly right. As I think they are partly wrong. Life is more of a testing place, I think, than anything. Part Hell and part humanity. See, I believe there is a God Almighty, as I believe there is a Devil capering in the bowels of Hell. I favor God over the Devil though, despite what I write. And even though I practice no organized religion.
Life is a testing place for all of us. A kind of, let-me-see-if-your-worthy-to-be-in-my-Heaven, from God's point of view. So what we do, how we treat others and what are beliefs are, determine whether we go down screaming to the very pits of Hell or float to the wondrous Heaven above. Although I mean down and above metaphorically, of course. Obviously Heaven isn't above us literally, we would have found it by now. Perhaps both Heaven and Hell reside in different dimensions, I don't know. But all we need to do is believe to get there, I think.
So, I wonder, is there really a Hell? Is there really a Devil? I say yes, there is. It's what I believe, but what do you say? Do you think there's a Hell? A Devil? Do you think there will be an End of Days, as the Bible foresees? I guess what I'm asking here is, what do you believe to be true?


Anonymous said...

I guess this is a deep question which you answered in a way i would with little differences due to my religion which is Islam.
We agree about the basic idea, that " let me see if you are worth my heavan" and the end of days, devil existence and that we don't know if heavan and hell exist in the same dimension.

I agree to all that, cause we in out Islamic heritage believe in christanity and we all agree about what you were talking about.

I think it's a good question although i know i'm not qualified to talk that deep about it.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Hell is an invention of the medievil Catholic Church. Jews never believed in Hell. I don't believe in Hell. God is a relativistic thing anyway.

Lucas Pederson said...

Ema, thanks for stopping by and sharing your beliefs, if not in a nutshell. That's ok though. Everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs in the touchy field of religion. It's one of things that make us human, I think.
Stewart, always good to see you stop by. I guess I never really knew that Jews don't believe in Hell. But wasn't Jesus Jewish? And didn't He believe there was a Hell? I don't know.
Religion, again I practice nothing orginized, is a slippery subject and I hope this post doesn't offend anyone. It wasn't my intention to do so. I want everyone to see just how many beliefs there are out there. The similarities and differences.
Thanks again Stewart for sharing you feeling on this.

Stewart Sternberg said...

No Lucas...I'll bet Jesus didn't believe in Hell.

The bible that you know as the New Testament is a work put together by Emperor Constatine. He and several others got together and to keep peace, pick through various gospels. We know today that several gospels were altogether ignored, such as the gospel of Mary.

The bible went through yet another transformation when King James did his translation.

One of the most fascinating thing I've ever studied has been comparative religion as well as the spread and development of christianity.

Lucas Pederson said...

Sounds like the book "The Da Vinci Code". I heard Dan Brown did a lot of research for the book, but how do we know what he found was true? How do we know anything? All of that happened so long ago every scrap of docment has either been lost, ignored (as you stated Stewart), or rewriten to promote the Catholic Church.
So it is really hard to say if Jesus believed in Hell or not, although, if he was indeed Jewish, I suppose he didn't.
Thanks again Stewart.

Chuck Zaglanis said...

I worship Odin.

I'm kidding. I'd like to think I'm agnostic, but I'm pretty much an atheist. The idea of some celestial Santa (of any faith)keeping a book recording my actions seems like a phenominal waste of omnipotence. I understand why people have faith, it seems to be hardwired into us, but my puny intellect can't accept it for myself.

Lucas Pederson said...

Hey Chuck thanks for stopping by!
As I mentioned before I practice no orginized religion. But I believe there is a God, and a Devil. I'm not sure if I believe one of them keeping a book record, of actions and so forth, either. And yes, faith is hardwired into us I think. It's okay to be what you are, and believe in what you want.