Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Sentence Assignment!!

Dear Friends,
All right, now since we got Stewart's brutal, but very fun assignment out of the way (I'm still improving that last awful attempt by the way) it's time for a new first sentence assignment.
For those of you who missed the last one, this is how we roll:
I post a beginning sentence and it is your job to come up with the rest of the story. It can be in any genre, and must be in your own style. The word limit is 2,000 words, give or take. If it runs a little over, don't worry about it, just show us the story. Always story. This is fun, trust me.
There were a few who participated the last time. Kate Sterling came up with a wonderful fantasy yarn that I'm still waiting to see how it turns out. She has it posted under Stewart's Assignments if your curious. Etain also came up with a great story, also fantasy. And Charles Gramlich wrote a creepy little tale that made me both smile, and shiver as I read it. All are very good and I recommend reading them if you haven't already.
All right, so you know the basics, you know past stories started with a single sentence. Why not give it a try? What's there to lose? I promise you, it'll be fun...

Here's the first sentence: Beyond all I've seen before, this was the worst.

The deadline is Friday, May 4th.

Okay now, shoo! Git! Write something grand, and remember...have fun.



Susan Miller said...

Lucas, I admire your energy. It is so evident in your writing. I'll try and do this one. If for no other reason but to avoid what I should be doing.

Keep putting out that energy. We need it.

Lucas Pederson said...

Susan, thanks. I really hope you try this one. I really enjoy what you write and its been so long since I read anything from you.
As for the energy, well, I try. But if it's helping in someway, then I won't stop.
Thanks for stopping by and it's great to see you again. Later.

Starrlight said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I like your writing style. I linked ya if that is ok!

Lucas Pederson said...

Starrlight, yeah that's cool. And thank you for stopping by as well.

Travis said...

I didn't have time to try my hand at this one. But I'm looking forward to the next.

And I'm still chewing on the last one sentence assignment.

Susan Miller said...

Alright Lucas, it's done, honey. Now I will try to take a nap before the paying job starts.

Thanks again.

Charles Gramlich said...

It's a promising opening line. I've got some stuff to finish up here but may find a chance down the line to contribute.

Anonymous said...