Saturday, April 7, 2007

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!! If you're into that...

To you Devoted Readers and writers who celebrate it...HAPPY EASTER!!! To those who do not, hey, HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

Okay, okay, if you're reading this and it's still Saturday, please forget you even saw it. Close the window or jump to another blog. But on Sunday, be sure to stop by again and take a look. It's nothing much, but i hope it at least brings a twitch of smile to your face.

For those of you who happen on this blog and it's Sunday, well then, come along, let me show you something silly, for today is not a horror day. Today is a day of peace, of love, and of brightness. Of family and friends. This is a day to celebrate, no matter if you celebrate Easter or not. It's Sunday damn it! Enjoy it. Relax. Okay, are you ready?

Tommorws forecast tells me it's supposed to be cold and windy, not very good weather for Easter egg hunting let me tell you. That's a stinker. Now let me tell you a brief story that popped into my head just when I turned on the computer this evening. Here goes...

Sunday's Eggs

"Found one!" Pam cried and stuffed the colored plastic egg in the plastic Wal-Mart bag.

Her brother Drew shot a glare her way and then opened his bag to look at the contents. There were only four eggs in there. Not anything to be proud of. He turned and started looking harder for the remaining eggs. He knew there were more. There had to be. Pam had eight and he had four. There had to be more out ther in the yard somewhere.

Ignoring the cold wind that threatened to pick him up and carry him away, Drew re-started his search. Behind him he heard a voice shout.

"Got another one! Drew walked right passed it!"

He didn't trun around, and instead kept up his search. So what if he walked by an egg? There were more out here...somewhere.

He walked around to the back yeard and paused, eyes scanning the patch of land before him. And there! Something that didn't go well with the bark of a small maple tree. Something purple. He ran toward it, smiling in triumph, the plastic bag with his four plastic eggs clattered and crackled, and swung in his right hand.

But as he came closer, Drew's speed slowed, slowed, until he fell to a stop about eight feet from the tree. His brow creased. What the hell was that? It was purple sure, but that , that thing wasn't a plastic egg left behind by that fabled bunny, but what appeared to be a fat little man.

The man looked at him, hand on his meaty sides, tiny head cocked to the left,as if ponderin Drew's exsistance. Drew, eyes large, mouth gaping, took a step forward. The fat little man flinched and his hands came up in a warding guesture.

"Go away, go away! Don't eat me!" Cried the little man. Drew could barely hear him even at this distance.

"I won't eat you." Drew heard himself say, though he was curious to exactly what this little man really was. HE started forward again.

"No, no! Stay back! Bunny'll be back!"

Bunny? No. This little man dressed in what appeared to be a purple sweat suit didn't actually say that. Hell, the fellow didn't exsist in the first palce. Drew had to be imagining all this.

Drew went to the tiny man standing in the elbow two joining branches. The man shook his head vigorously.

"He'll be back! When he gets back he won't be happy to see you here. You're supposed to be out front!"

Drew frowned. Could this be for real? He reached out to touch the little man then-

"Hey! Hey you! Get your paws off my assistant!"

Drew whirled and spotted a large brown rabbit bounding toward him from the his dad's wood pile. And, was that a cigar hanging from the rabbit's mouth? Yes. Instead of a carrot it was chomping on a fat cigar. Wierd.

The large rabbit came to a halt at Drew's feet, and then stood up on its hind legs. Its face looked hotly up at his.

"You're supposed to be out front kid." Said the rabitt.

"I-I-" Drew began but the rabbit interupted.

"You're interfering with my job. I can't afford interference."

"Are you the Easter Bunny?" Drew managed.

Teh bunny blinked up at him for a moment, glanced over at the little man in the tree and then looked at Drew again.

"Perhaps." It said and smiled. Yes! IT smiled! Its mout lengthed around its cigar.

Then it sighed, glanced around and then motioned with one paw back the way Drew had come.

"Get back out front, kid. I'm not ready for you back here yet. Go out front and count to twenty, then come back here. I'll leave you soemthing speacial." The rabbit smield again.

Drew looked at the man in teh tree, at the rabbitt and then hurried off.

The rabbit glanced up at the little man once the kid was gone.

"That was a close one." Said the man.

"I know." Bunny said and sighed. "I'm getting slow with my age."

"Let's get to it. He'll be back here real soon and we got more to hide yet." The little man said.

Bunny nodded, and then hopped off to finish the job.

Drew counted to twenty. Pam had all ready gone back inside. Good.

He hurried to the back yard, and came to a sudden halt. His eyes grew as large as coffe cup saucers. A smile curled his lips.

Drew saw them all! Colorful plastic eggs, everywhere! And he went to collect them; and collect them he did. Later that day he opened his eggs one by one as his parents stood by, baffled. They hadn't hidden that many eggs. Not enough to fill three shopping bags! But they did not tell Drew this, he was just so happy. Besides, what's wrong with a little magic from time to to time anyway? Nothing at all.

The End

And if you haven't noticed my blog is supposed to represent an Easter egg. Colorful and so forth. Just incase you think I've fallen off my rocker or something.


Travis said...

Excellent story.

Happy Easter!

Kate S said...

Cute story. I could feel the little boy's frustration that his sister was finding all the eggs.

The ending made me remember when my daughter was about 4 and our cat snuck in and out of the house at Easter, leaving his muddy footprints across the back of our white sofa. Emily was thrilled to have such "proof" that the bunny had been there. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

LOL. Good piece. I remember setting a trap for the Easter bunny when I was a kid. Alas, I didn't catch him.

etain_lavena said...

as always great the new look...easter egg and all...hihihih....
Have a lovely evening...

Lucas Pederson said...

Travis, Thanks, and a belated Happy Easter to you too.

Kate, Thanks. It was a spur of the moment thing. That's cute about your daughter thinking the cat prints were the Easter Bunny's prints!

Charles, I tried that too! I used the whole lettuce leaf for bait under a bowl held up by a stick trick. That didn't work either. But one of these days, why, I just might get the little fella.

Etain, thanks. The new look is very temporary. In fact I'm going to change it right now. But I'm glad you like it anyhow. Works for me!! Later!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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