Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ice Mountain: Part 3

Screaming, arm throbbing, Sarah emerged into a large clearing.

And then that's when they came for her...dozens of them.

From every direction, hideous things on long bounding legs, things with severely elongated beaks, flooded into the clearing. Sarah stood, frozen in place as she was surrounded by these beings, these monsters.

Sword dripping with mingling colors of various kills, she turned around in a slow circle. Gods, they were everywhere. The cut on her arm announced itself again and she winced at the burn it sent through her body. Just what had cut her? What sort of vile thing had reached out and cut her? She couldn't remember, nor could she rightfully call it something with a brain. Perhaps it had been some venomous plant she unwittingly pushed through. But, of course, plants had been the least of her worries then.

The monsters rushing toward her all let go loud braying screams that hurt Sarah's ears instantly. She lifted the sword, preparing to defend herself, although, that was wrong. She wouldn't get one slash at these things once they pummeled into her, driving her to the ground and then tearing her limb from bloody limb.

Yet, as she lifted her sword, something like pain, but not quite, zinged through her body. The sword tumbled from her hand and she collapsed to her knees. Her vision blurred. Her mouth quivered. Tears spilled from her eyes and tracked courses down her dirty face.

They were very close now. She could see their images through the blur of her vision. They were close, and she sighed, knowing she had failed. She had failed Andrew, her only son, her life. Still, she fought to get back on her feet. If she was to die, she wanted to be on her feet first. It was the honorable way to die. However, the task eluded her and she dropped back to her knees, weeping.

Sarah lay down in the grass, and closed her eyes.

This is it, she thought as the roaring began and the feel of hot rancid breath plumed on her sweaty skin. This is it.

When she heard the screaming, and the shouts, (men?), and the distinct sound of many things dying at once, Sarah felt herself fall into darkness.

On the outside, her milky eyes flutter open.

(To be Continued)


Fab said...

Waw. "Fab/Great all round". I'm flattered. Just noticed it, sneaky little devil! Thanks.

Aha! The plot thickens: who are these voices? What will happen next? I do hope her wound will not slow her down in her quest for her son. (See how I get invested in the story???). Till soon.

Charles Gramlich said...

It surprised me that she seemed to sort of give up when the creatures came to attack her. But I'll keep reading after this cliffhanger to see what is going on. Pretty mysterious at the moment.

Lucas Pederson said...

Fab, yepper! I got you as one of my feathery friends now. I finally got a chance to update the list a little. I still have a couple more to put on, but so far so good.
And we'll see about that wound...and the voices.

Charles, she did try to fight, but whatever had cut her arm had left behind some kind of poison. If I remember correctly, she tried to get back to her feet, but found she couldn't do it. And when she realized she couldn't fight, she yes, then gave up. I thought, if I were ill, I would give up easier too, so that's what I had her do. Yet, she's still a very strong woman, as you'll see. Right now it's going to slow down just a bit. There is a mystery to this forest yet to be revealed. I'm glad you still want to stick with it. Thanks!

Charles Gramlich said...

Ah, I see. I guess I didn't see the "poisoning" aspect quite so clearly.

Travis said...

I'm thinking there's so much description that you are working on out of our sight with this forest.

We've seen the evil things, the scary things, the dangerous things. And now we have a hint of possibly some heroic things. Or perhaps they are simply stronger evil things?

Many questions left to answer. I'm looking forward to each tidbit.

Danny Tagalog said...

Hello Lucas, well that was a good read and I can sincerely say I anticipate what those milky eyes will see. More vile gods? Will tune in..!

Lucas Pederson said...

Charles, it's my fault. My flaw. I didn't really give the poisoning aspect as much drama as there should have been. Perhaps I was focusing more on the monsters then my main character. A major oops on my part. I'll do better, I promise. Thanks buddy!

Travis, good to see you!Thanks! And we'll see just what these new creatures are. They sound like men, but...

Danny! Long time no see! Great to have you stop by! Many thanks, and yes, we'll soon see what those milky eyes reveal, won't we? Ah yes, we shall see very well.

etain_lavena said...

oooooo me gosh.......missed your writing...I think I am outa hell now,.....hihi...hope to read more soon.

Lucas Pederson said...

Holy carp! Etain! Haven't seen you here for quite some time. Hope everything is going good.
Yeah, you've got some reading to catch up on if you want to. If not, there will always be more on its way. As long as my mind keeps spitting them out, this place will have stories to read.
Good to see you again!

Christina said...

Cutting Block is looking for submissions. I'm finishing up a short story to send to them. There is a link to the site on my blog. Hope you decide to enter it with me.