Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My dear friends!

I know I was supposed to finish out the story Silver Grin couple weeks ago now, but I've been extremely busy. However, this is business of different sort, for change.

Here's my news: I have had acceptances at two online publishers!!! Yes! Me! Finally! I am now officially a published writer! My hands tremble as I write this for I am so excited. I'm so damn happy! One story, called "Snap", can be found here: Click the Enter Ezine button. I submitted here to enter a contest, and they published my story on their website under "Contest Stories". Soon folks are going to start voting for which story they like. And whoever wins gets ten dollars and placed on the Hall of Flame. Still, even without winning the contest, I feel as though I have won already. I got an acceptance. Someone wanted something I wrote, thought it was good. I'm happy.

The second story was accepted by Whortel Berry Press. I'll post the link as soon as my story is put up. Here, I just sent a story and it was accepted two, maybe three days later! They are going to place it on what they call Stars of Tomorrow. From there it will then eventually, hopefully, make its way into an anthology, if the editor feels it fits the book's theme, whatever that may be. Still, again, it's an acceptance. Now I got two under my belt, and I couldn't be happier!

I want to thank all of you. Without your feeback, and your encouragement, your kindness, I probably would have been stuck as I was before I even knew what a blog was. Stuck, and writing aimlessly. So thank you, my friends, thank you so much for all your help. I'm on my way!!!


Fab said...

I am so impressed! Congratulations Lucas! It's finally happened what you've waited for!

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah! Congrats my friend. I'll check out the contest story today. But good work for sure.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Congratulations. Always good to get that first carved niche, don't you think?

Travis said...

Excellent news my friend! Good for you!

Lucas Pederson said...

Fab, thanks! Yeah, finally, it happened. Yes, I've been waiting a long time.

Charles, thanks, buddy! Yes, please do check it out. It's a qucikie, but a goodie, I think. Thanks for your help and your willingness to help. Thanks Again!'re here! Thought you forgot about me. Thanks fella for all your support and advice since the beginning. And yes, it is good to carve that niche as soon as possible. Thanks.

Travis, thanks, m'man! Go check out the story when you get a chance. I promise, nothing too graphic. Thanks!

To everyone who is wondering about my second acceptance go to: scroll down to the "Stars of Tomorrow" section. My name is the very last. Under my name there should be a link to the stories. Might be something like: "Click HERE, to see the stars, something like that. Anyway, if you check out any of these stories please come back here and leave a comment telling em what you think. This is not only my happy time, it should be all of yours as well, you helped.

Christina said...

That is really exciting, Congratulations!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for getting your story into an anthology.

Kate S said...

Hey, that's wonderful, Lucas! Congratulations! :)

etain_lavena said...

Thats wonderful....congrats

W.G.M. said...

And a good read it is.

Lucas Pederson said...

Christina, Kate and Etain,
Thank you so much! It's really great having such supportive friends, and you three have always been great. Thanks again!

WGM, wow! Thanks for stopping by! It means a lot to have you here! Thanks for everything!