Sunday, September 23, 2007

Silver Grin

Hi, My dear Friends, This story just popped into my head a couple minutes ago and I thought I'd write it down here. This is the first, rough draft, so it's bound to have some major flaws..but I think the story is a fair one. Here it is..enjoy..

Silver Grin

By: Lucas Pederson

Over purple flecked boulders and scraggly trees, the somber green moon casts it unearthly glow over the land.

A black shape, perhaps it is a man, perhaps something far worse, races through the night of this strange, but alluring place. It races for purposes yet unknown to us, and we must follow this dark shape. Yes. We must follow it, for where ever it may lead us, we must see. We must record, and we must listen. It is our duty as spirits to do so.

Now, let us take flight, for we can fly, we are spirits after all, nothing more than vapor. We can not speak , we can only listen, see and record.

So up we go. Up into that somber green glow, up in the stale filthy air of this odd place. Below we can still see the black man-shape racing through the alien nightscape, we can hear his/her heavy breathing.

We look up ahead, following the thing's progress. We are curious, no? Sure we are. We want to know what this mysterious being is up to, don't we? Of course we do. We must.

Ahead, we see a massive bulk in the darkness. We at first mistake it for a mountain, surely there is no castle or mansion of this size in such an awful, wonderful place. But then we realize that it is a building. Not a castle, not a mansion, but something else. A gigantic work of architecture beyond our imaginations. We stop in mid flight, allowing the black shape to race further ahead of us toward that peculiarly enormous building. We have to look at this dark structure a moment longer, record it for what it is. For what we know it to be in our minds and spirit. A place of emptiness. A building that stands between the borders of worlds. A wall against everything it hates.

What does it hate? We do not know. We have to delve deeper into this mystery to find that out.

Shall we go? Good. Now where did--

Ah ha. Down there, just a little to the right, the black shape. See? It's scrambling up a steep hill side. Its speed is uncanny. And we must marvel at this, for it is something strange and oddities are our business right now. It is why we came here from that other world so far away yet so damn close we can taste it. That human world.

We fly on, eyes fixed on the shape we have come to both wonder about, and fear. We fear it because of its strangeness, its unpredictability of what might happen.

Distant, we hear something roar. It shakes us even this high up in the air. Whatever it is, we can not see. We only see the black shape, as it still races up the hill side for that massive building we all ready know is a very bad place.

For now, we ignore the roar and follow the black shape.

Finally, just as our patience begins to grow thin, the black shape reaches the top of the hill and disappears into the massive dark building.

Quick, like a summer gale, we rush at the building...and soon find ourselves inside.

But once here, we do not wish to stay. The interior of the gargantuan is shifty. It's the only way we know how to describe it. Shifty. Nothing seems to stay in place for long. the tables and chairs, made from something other than wood, appear to waltz the floors and corridors we see like lurid ball room dancers. The air in here is humid and fragrant of cinnamon and age. Dizziness washes over us as we advance further into the horrible place. We don't want to be here, we must leave..and soon. But first we have to find that dark shape. We have to find it and discover its secrets. If we do not, if we fail, we are stranded in this world for all eternity. But, of course, you knew all that, didn't you?

Finding our balance both in body and mind, we glance to our left to see a black phantom wisp through an open archway and into whatever vile room lay beyond.

Mustering our courage, we float swiftly over, suck in a nonexistent breath, and waft into the room.

Open your eyes. Look, see. This is not what we expected. There you go, open those pretty eyes, and gaze upon what is here. Mark it well, record.

We see a hooded figure (all black) kneeling before an empty throne of skulls. But save for the skulls and the black kneeling figure, the room is otherwise pleasant in decor. Soft light showers down from holes int he high ceiling. These holes we know do not bring in light from the outside, but rather pierces into another world, robbing true light to give this sinister place a welcoming glow.

Shsh. Listen, the black shape, yes our black shape, is speaking.

"It drains me every night, oh lord. It rapes my flesh as I lay sleeping. A vampyr! No! Something worse! It hurts me, lord. Please give me the strength to fend it away."

There is no answer, and the throne remains empty.

Okay.. I'll stop here for now. This is something different I'm trying. A new form that seemed perfect for this little story I got here. It's fun to write, actually. I love teh way it shows the reader what's happening. And describing it in the best detail the narrator has in his or her own vocabulary. This is not the end of the story, but rather a stopping point for me to refresh myself and breathe easier for a night or two before jumping back in and finishing it, then getting back to my new novel...the one I hate to discuss at the moment. All I can say is that it's a brand new twist on the vampire element. I will complete this story in a couple days from now. Hope you like this half of it. Later.


Charles Gramlich said...

I like what I've read so far. Great imagery. I like the surreal elements of the "shifting" inside the building.

Travis said...

I like how you quickly establish the voice of the narrator. You have several very dark elements here, but the engaging voice allows the reader to feel safe as he eases into the story.

I always expect ominous things from you, so I feel like I get tense beginning a new story here. But this narrator has me relaxed and ready for wherever it goes.

Nice job.

Starrlight said...

I liked it. Of course I am a sucker (haha) for vampire stories!

Christina said...

Have you put out any more of your stories to magazines or anthologies? I have a few new stories, but I can't figure out what genre they would be in. It really kills the excitement because I don't know where to put them. By the way, I love that Simpson character in your picture box. Is there a site to make your own character? I see so many people with one.

Lucas Pederson said...

Charles, thanks buddy. This story came as a rather shifty idea, actually. I was sitting here, writing my new novel, when, poof!, I saw a black shape running through an alien nightscape. I saw chairs and tables move of their own accord. They shifted. Glad you like it so far.

Travis, I used the audience as the viewers here, much like a first screening of a popular movie. The narrator, well, he/she can be whom ever has it together. Some one who can lead all of us onward, and show us the unexplainable and the grotesque. I'm glad you liked the narrator,a nd I'm glad you stopped by!

Starrlight! Wow! Haven't seen you here for a while! Good to see, pull up a chair, careful, it shifts. Oh...and as for vampires...maybe. It's still not worked out yet. In anycase, I'm happy to see you here.

Christina, hey lady! I've submitted a couple stories here and there I've been waiting on. One I submitted to a horror story contest. We'll see what happens there. As I mentioned beofre, I got a rejection from Cutting Block, but turned around the second after I read the letter and submitted another story. Determination baby!
If you want, send me an email abotu your stories, or send me a couple and I'll give you my opinion on them. And for the Simpson character..go to It's cool!

Fab said...

This story read well. I like this different way you took (as you said). Still I feel your style of writing through it.
Oh, and thanks for the warning about Ashley Judd. Usually I like seeing her, but after what you said...