Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just a little Note

Since my latest variation assignment flopped on me I guess I'm reduced to sitting here and looking stupid. I blame myself. Perhaps I started everything out too hard. Maybe I should've just had folks write my stories in their own words. Think that would be okay? I write something and you rewrite it to fit your own style? That's how the whole idea started in my mind and then I thought I'd make a little bit more. Take my latest failed attempt for example. Perhaps I should have just asked you to write the entire story in your own words and add a middle to the story. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and I need to slow down. I get into trouble when I try to push the envelope on something. It always backfires on me. This note isn't to rant about how you should be at least trying my assignments, so please don't misunderstand. I'm just feeling low because I got my first rejection for the year. Everything backfires. Maybe that's what I should have titled this post. Everything backfires. Or how about treadmill? That's what I feel like I'm doing right now, walking on a treadmill, going nowhere. Stewart wrote about doubt in an earlier post. Maybe this is my doubt post. I love to write and I do believe it's worth it, but it still seems so damn hard to get anywhere. I'll keep plugging away at it, of course, but some of my heart isn't there as it had been from the beginning. It scares me to think about it.
I'm lost here. Lost in my own head. And being lost is scary enough....


Stewart Sternberg said...

Lucas, Lucas, Lucas...

Cheer up. You've got a fun blog and you're off to a good start. About assignments: People are funny. Most of them tend to stress at assignments as it is.

On my blog, I have assignments out there, but they are really for myself. I know if I post an assignment it will make me write. At first I posted three or four assignments, mostly for the writers group of which I am a member (and only half of them did anything with the assignments anyway). Then, I got someone asking if they could do the assignment. Sure, I said..and the next thing I knew, I had about five or six people regularly joining in.

If they do, great. If they dont, great. Because it's for me.

So...write your little fingers to nubs, lemme see some more drawings, and enjoy this coming week.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks Stewart, thanks for everything. Your advice is golden. My assignments are for me as well. But I like to see other people's styles and takes on something I created. I like to see folks having fun, in other words. But yeah, if they choose not to partake, that's fine. I see that now. Yesterday I was just feeling down from getting yet another rejection. I needed to vent. And I will keep writing and I will post more drawings. I'm glad you like my work. Have a wonderous week, Stewart.

Susan Miller said...

Oh good, it was great to come to the comments and see Stu's encouragement as well as your response. Writers can typically be a moody group, and I'll definitely include myself in this one. That's one of the reasons that I so enjoy this blogging community. We can understand each other in that way, gain strength to move forward from each other, kinda pick each other up and push.

In the past I, for one, would beg Stu for assignments. One of my favorite parts, like you say, was reading what other writers would do with the task. As a result I would feel great pressure to be better at the next assignment. This, of course, is my own neurotic competitive nature (issues, issues, issues). Anyway, I started not enjoying writing because of pressure I was putting on myself. Thus, I've taken a moment away from the pressure and just got back to enjoying writing.

I would much rather read whatever you choose to write, Lucas. Tell me about those girls or that beautiful wife...or wait...tell me a scary story!

Christina Rundle said...

*HUG* Seems childish, but we all need one.

Rejection letters suck. Hmm, let me read you one of mine, oh wait, I can't, I shred them as they come in. Rejection happens, but there are so many places to submit too. I hear even published writers get rejected.

As for the stories, I would love to do them, but right now with school, there isn't much time. I haven't had the time to work on my stories and I'm getting depressed because of that.

Happy Writing Wild Pen!