Monday, February 19, 2007

A Walk

Here's a poem I wrote just the other day in my quite place. The woods beyond my home.
A Walk

Trees sway in the cool air
As I walk this path here
In the woods beyond my home
I'm afraid of the garden gnome
The little guy with his jolly grin
Terrifies me, and I know he's alive
Yes. He roams now, just beyond sight
In the thick brush to my right
I can hear him panting as he keeps pace with my stride
He walks with me often, in these woods
He wants me to help him
But what he wants, I can not give
He wants my life for his
He wants me to die
I don't know why he chose me
I don't know why he bothers me so
All I know is that I must keep walking this path
I mustn't let him trick me
For evil gnomes are tricksters you see
So I walk here, in these woods with my strife
I save my life....


Christina Rundle said...

I like this. I also think this could be branched into a story with the gnome.

"He roams now, just beyond sight in the thick brush to my right."

This could be a Twilight Zone story.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks Christina!
That's a great idea, actually! I just might give it a try. Twilight Zone huh? Perhpas I will. Thanks again!

Travis said...

Your writing intrigues me. I'm bookmarking so I can come back and read more. Horror isn't normally what I enjoy, but I like good writing. And yours is good.

Lucas Pederson said...

Wow! Thanks Travis! I'll be checking out your site too! Good to see you here!
Thanks again.

Chuck Zaglanis said...

This was very clever Lucas, I like it.

Have you ever considered trying your hand at a graphic novel? You wouldn't need to split the cash with an artist.

Lucas Pederson said...

Hey Chuck! Wow! Nice to see you stop by!
Actually, I have considered writing a graphic novel. That or a comic book. It's just that I hear getting published in that field is much harder than publishing a novel. I don't know, it's only what I heard. I have a small portfolio with a fair beginng to a graphic novel. I don't know.

Charles Gramlich said...

Good thing I don't have a gnome or I'd be bothered during my woods walk today. Of course, I do have a garden frog. I wonder...

Lucas Pederson said...

Yeah Charles, I hear those garden frogs are even worse. Keep an eye on it. If you see move, well, then I'd say smash it with a sledge hammer. Remember, this sort of stuff isn't always your imagination....or is it? Thanks for stopping by Charles!

Susan Miller said...

As usual, great work and I am so impressed by your drawing talent. Thank you for sharing that, Lucas.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thank you and you're very welcome Susan. Nice to see you again.

Christina said...

I have a really short assignment on my blog for you, like 2-3 sentences. lol. ^_^

Don't even give it a second thought if you are busy but it sounded right up your alley.

Kate S said...

Great work, Lucas. :) I loved the illustration!