Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Fairy (Part 2)

Time stretched out like days. The night seemed to last an eternity, and she still didn't know where she was.

Somehow she managed not to run into anything, or be gobbled up by some unseen night creature. Somehow she still lived, even though she didn't deserve to. She should be extinguished like her entire species. She dared not think of them as dead, that would make it harder for her to except their passing. Extinguished felt better and didn't drive guilt and sorrow into her gut as bad as thinking they were all dead.

The fairy flitted slowly through the dark night, her side burning where one of the vile monsters that helped extinguish her people caught her with one grappling talon, burned ever deeper, but her life liquid had stopped running. Perhaps that was a good sign she might live through all this. Perhaps. But to what purpose? She couldn't continue her species, for there were no more left in this rotten world filled with hungry worms and sinister beings. All fairies, even the great Horned Fairies, were gone. Time has brought forth Death, and Death has taken them all with it to the bowls of Its chamber.

The night was blackness submerged in darkness, where the gloom was alive, and evil things capered.

She had encountered no more creatures yet, which she took as an omen of great luck. She knew there were many out there hungry for fairy flesh. Those that loved to suckle on fairy life liquid and bathe in horror.

The fairy continued onward, unable to weep anymore. And so continued her sorrow.


Just when she thought this night was forever, the sky first lightened to a dull gray and then colors, pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds, blossomed. To the far horizon, the sun, oh the glory, arose. She looked about her and despite the lightening, the fairy still didn't know where she was. From what she saw she hovered over tall brown grass. She was in a meadow of some sort.

She fluttered here, letting the warm sun bathe her in its radiance.

After a long time, the fairy continued on. She didn't know where she was going, nor did she care much. Those monsters that...that extinguished her people, might still be after her.

When the sun had reached above the tree line to what she assumed was the west, the fairy lit on a single boulder, the only one in this meadow. She checked her side. Her purple life liquid had dried into a scab, which was good, but it still burned. Her whitish skin glowed red around the horrid wound. It hurt to the touch. She knew what she needed to do. She must find some Womf Weed, reopen her wound and spread the weed juice over the gash. If she failed to do so, in a short time, she would join her species to wherever they had gone.

Suddenly the boulder on which she stood trembled. The fairy gasped and lifted off. A low groan sounded from the tall brown grass surrounding it. Her heart flitted like her beautiful wings. The boulder moved, another groan sounded. She found she was both too frightened and amazed to move. She could only float there, staring down at the living boulder.

Then the massive boulder unfurled slowly, giving way what she had feared since childhood. A colossis. It stretched, its giant maw opened and let go a long yawn. Its green slanted eyes squinted up at the sky, but not at her. It got onto all fours and before her eyes its skin turned from boulder gray to a light blue. She has never seen a colossis with such beautiful skin. Usually they're ugly giants with scaly reddish skin. This one however...

"Do tell me your name, fairy, if you must hover there above me." Spoke a voice void of contempt or malice. Why, it sounded kind, gentle. The colossis remained on all fours, looking off in the direction of the risen sun.

Unable to get a hold on herself, the fairy spoke without realizing it.

"Nini." She said. "My name is Nini."

And this concludes Part 2. Hope it was as good as the first. Let me know. And thanks to everyone who wanted me to continue with this three part story. Now you know the fairy's name, and she has met a peculiar creature, which might or might not be as kind and gentle as we would like. Let me know what you think. Part 3 is in the works.


etain_lavena said...

I think he is gentle, if he wanted to hurt her could have done so allready and the fact that he turned blue shows he is calm....hihi...ok ok, living in the moment:)....its brilliant....I am linking your blog to mine...if it is not ok, just let me know and I will remove it:)

Lucas Pederson said...

Etain, thanks. I guess we'll see what our new beast will be like in the next part. And yeah, lets link up! I enjoy your blog emensely. I'll link you to mine too. You can be one of my feathery friends! (Okay, enough Pepsi for one day...) :-)

Stewart Sternberg said...

I like this so far..I hope it doesn't end easily, with a twist or with an aha. I hope the ending is logical and has meaning. So far, it has much promise.

etain_lavena said...

Feathery friend...whoohoo...ok enough for me too...whahahah:)

Susan Miller said...

Yes, Lucas, I do like this and feel that you could go very far with it. Why stop at part three?

Charles Gramlich said...

It's good to have another character introduced. It ratchets up the tension. I wonder if you could even bring him in earlier. On the rewrite you'll probably see if anything can be tightened. Unlike Stewart, I don't mind a good twist ending.

Travis said...

Well done. I am curious to know the fate of the faery. And I agree with Stewart in hoping for a logical progression and an ending that isn't a shock just for shock's sake.

Lucas Pederson said...

You know, I started this with a solid three parts in mind, but now as I near the end of part 3, I'm not so sure. Oh, there will be a part four, as for a part five, well, we'll see what happens.
Stewart, I've got an ending in mind that just might satisfy folks one both sides of the spectrim. Those lusting for a shocker, and those interested foran ending that means something. Thanks for the praise.
etain, welcome, my feathery friend.
Susan, as I mention above, there will be at least a part four. Not sure about anything more than that at this time though. Thanks, as always.
Charles, yeah, this character may not be what he appears, just a guess. Thanks for the good words!
Travis, Thanks. As I've mentioned a couple times already, we'll see what the end brings, but I assure you, it will satisfy both spectrms.
Part 3 will be finished by 3/10/07. Hope to see you all back here again. Later.

etain_lavena said...

Ok very happy there will be alot of parts but please please make it soon:).....hihihihihih

Christina said...

Great story. You could extend this and make it a Young Adult novel. Teenagers or even younger than would like this.

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