Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Fairy (Part3)

The colossis gave the sun one last look before moving it great body and titling its broad head up at her. The giant beast was ugly, but not so much that Nini felt an urge to look away, like with the rest of those massive nasty creatures. Its eyes narrowed on her.

“Nini.” The colossis said, thoughtfully.

It was all she could do to simply nod. The beast then did a surprising thing, it smiled. As far as she knew these creatures were incapable of smiling. She watched as its eyes softened.

“No need to fear me, little one. I’m not the beast I appear to be.” It brutish face suddenly rippled, and changed. Nini gasped as it narrowed and shrunk and grew a smooth blade of a nose and, why yes, human eyes. Could that be? A human? But how? Human were no more, like all the fairy tribes, they were eradicated. So how-

The colossis chuckled.

“I am not a human, Nini. My name is Zim, I’m a wizard, of sorts, you might say.”

“A wizard?” Nini asked, astonished, her eyebrows rose. Wizards were said to be extinct over a million years ago, long before even the humans were gone.

“Yes.” Zim the wizard said. “They’re all gone. I’m the last of what you might call, wizard. But I’m not the sort you think I am, little Nini. I am a different species than you have been told about.”

Nini looked down at Zim both in wonder and puzzlement.

“Different? How?” She asked.

“Details are useless.” Zim said, frowning a little.
He shook his head and his face changed back to that of a colossis. The change shot fear into Nini again, although she knew there was no threat here. Not when the creature down there was so kind. Oh, and how wise Zim was! It could even listen to her mind, like all the tales her mother told her about wizards! This was so grand, so wondrous. To actually be in the company of a real wizard, why, that must be the grandest of all honors!

“Yes.” Zim said and his ugly face curled into a smile. “ I can hear your thoughts, though, I am not a wizard of lore. I hear your thoughts, as I know your tribe was extinguished, as you want to think of it, just last night. You are the last, as I am.”

Nini sighed and allowed her wings to lower her down. She lit on a stiff blade of brown grass, looked at Zim, and nodded. Tears prickled at her eyes and threatened to spill.

“Hey, now, hey now. Tis all right, little Nini. There may be hope yet.” Zim said softly.

“H-Hope?” Nini asked, unbelieving.

“Yes.” Zim assured her. “Sometimes it’s all we have left.”
Nini smiled for the first time since the evil beings extinguished her people.

Zim leaned closer to her. His breath was like that of bee honey.

“And I know what destroyed your people, Nini. I know by what I see in your mind.”

She gasped. But of course he knew, he was a wizard after all, and wizards know everything. He gave her bright smile. She worked up her courage and asked.

“What are they?”

“Vampyres.” Zim said simply. “Horrid, suckers of life and vile cretins of the damned.”

“Vamp-“ No matter how hard she tried, she could not say the word.
But Zim nodded, he knew what she meant, of course.

“They are seeping into this world now. Soon it will be theirs, unless they are halted now, before their numbers spread like a plague. And it has all ready begun.”

Nini stood, taken aback by what the wizard spoke of. This couldn't be happening, not this. Oh Earthen God, this can’t be real!

“Ah,” Said Zim. “But it is real. You see, I am a hunter. I’ve come from afar to slay those whom escaped to this world. I am hear to kill them all.” He sighed, his eyes drifted away from her.

“But I have failed you, Nini. I failed you and your people. I am so sorry.” Now Zim’s colossis face darkened, drooped in sorrow.

Nini didn’t know if she should feel hatred or pity toward this creature. Knowing he could read her thoughts, she directed her mind elsewhere, her mother. She wished she hadn’t.

“Hate me if you must,” Zim said. “But never pity me.”

Nini couldn’t help pitying him though. And why was he in the form of a colossis if it wasn’t what he really was? Of all the creatures, why this massive form?

Zim chuckled.

“A colossis is not as conspicuous as, say, a creature that looks human by dimension. I chose it to hide from the vampyres. I could sneak up on them without suspicion. Unfortunately, I fell asleep here.”
Zim sighed.
“Hating me would be just fine.”

Zim moved away, stood on his hind legs and magically transformed into a tall, slender man with long raven dark hair. The skin of his face resembled that of white stone, his eyes glowed a somber purple color. Nini gazed up at him, amazed, and a little frightened. He looked down at her, smiling softly. He knelt down before her.

“This is my true form, little-“

A sound, like an insectile scream, for Nini has heard many, cut through the air, severing Zim’s words. He immediately straightened, standing high to see across the meadow. His all black clothing fluttered in the slight breeze; all black, save for the bright white shirt, revealed through an opening toward his neck. He looked elegant, even in a moment of panic.

“They come. Hurry! In this pocket you go!”

Zim turned to her and held open a pocket at his right breast, Nini hesitated. Zim’s eyes darkened slightly.

“Come! They approach now. The vampyers, your people’s doom! The doom of this world if we do not act! In my pocket, now!”

She gaped at the pocket, and finally lifted off the blade of grass and into Zim’s wardrobe. Once there, she felt only the slightest of breaths. Why, he seemed not to be breathing at all!

“Hold on, dear Nini. We are retreating for now. We must, for we are not ready. We go, right-now!”

Nini wondered what he meant by we, then slowly they began to rise into the air. Faintly she heard the flap-whoosh of working wings, large working wings. The grass around them trembled and crackled and hissed.

“Just be still.” Zim’s voice, not out loud, but in her head.

They rose high, far before the ravenous monsters set foot on the small spot of land Zim and Nini had occupied no more than a few seconds ago. She looked down at them, and grimaced. Then they were gliding away from the horrors on the ground. Gliding, free…Nini closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

I was a little late posting this part because of reasons beyond my control. Busy, busy, busy! But I hope you enjoyed Part 3, nonetheless. Things are forming up now, solidifying, we learn that it's not a colossis (my own made up word) but a wizard, of sorts, little Nini has befriended. But I'm not so sure If I trust this guy or not. He seems a little off to me. I don't know, what do you think?


Christina said...

A wizard! Vampires! Oh, I really like this chapter the best. So much about the characters is spoken in this. Very Beautiful.

david santos said...

Hello, Lucas
this work is very good, thank you
have nice wkend

Charles Gramlich said...

It's good when different charactes have different agendas. Creates a nice tension.

Lucas Pederson said...

Christina, thnaks. I was hoping adding a wizard hunting for vampires, or vampyers, would work. I think it did. Thanks. More is in the works. THis story just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Went I started it I thought three parts would be more than enough, but the story is leading me ever onward.
David, Hi! Thanks for stopping by and taking a gander! Hope you have a nice weekend too!
Charles, yes. I think this latest part gave readers a better sense of what the two characters are like. Nini wants nothing more than to have her people back, her life back, and she's very hesitant with Zim, perhaps she should be. As for Zim...he is actually a character in a few other short stories of mine revolving around vampires. Yes, he is a hunter, but who knows what his real agenda is...
Thanks! I have a three day 12hour stretch at work to do monday through wednesday. Expect a new part either thursday or friday.

Travis said...

I agree with Charles regarding the characters.

The wizard's retreat has me interested in why, where, and what next.

etain_lavena said...

No No No....he is not off, he is the only good thus far and without his companionship what does little Nini have?....
It is really nice...I LIKE.....:)

Susan Miller said...

I want to agree with etain but then understand it's beyond my control. I couldn't help but think how much my son would love this story, Lucas. It falls right into line with so much of his reading.

You paint a vivid picture, and I still encourage you to continue with this. It screams adventure to me.

Lucas Pederson said...

Travis, we'll see where that starnge wizard takes our little fairy friend. And then we'll find out why. Thanks for taking a gander!
Etain, yes, little Nini needs a companion, but still, I'm not so sure Zim is the right one for her...not yet anyway. Glad you..LIKE it. :)
Susan, ah, there you are. Perhaps you should let your son read it too. The more the merrier. And, oh yes, I'm continuing on with this. For how long, I still don't know. But thanks for stopping by and reading! Thankds

etain_lavena said...

Staring at new post:(