Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Fairy (Part 5)

Okay, so I lied about the time frame. Here's part 5.

A quick flash of silver and the lead vampyer's head flew off its grotesque body. Nini closed her eyes. She didn't want to see what horrible life liquid pumped out of the stump of its neck. No. That would not do at all.

"Stay down!" Zim shouted in her head.

But she wouldn't, she couldn't. She had to see. Then the other monsters rushed at Zim. Silvery streaks whisper through the night air, and body parts of all types began to fly away from their host bodies. The injured creatures shrieked with both agony and rage.

And what was that? Nini frowned. Just under the shrieks, why, she heard alughter. Not humorous laughter, but mad laughter; frightening laughter. She soon realized the orgin of that awful laughter came forth from Zim! No wizard Nini ever heard of in a story, laughed like that. Wizards are supposed to be kind, caring, peaceful creatures; not ruthless and mad demons. If one wanted ruthless and mad, they should seek out a sorcerer. Was Zim a sorcerer? Nini prayed to teh Earthen God that he was not.

Then there was a low thud! sound, and Zim tottered, swayed,a nd dropped to the ground heavily. Something had struck his back, hard. Nini spilled out of the pocket and flipped on to the cold ground of the ghost village, completely exposed. She flitted to her feet, glancing around, heart hammering mightily in her small chest. At first she saw nothing. Then, upon turning around to where Zim had fallen, she saw them. Twelve, she counted twelve.

But all twelve of the vmapyers were not interested in her at all. It was Zim they attacked. Huddling over the man-creature, they clawed at him, growling like the beasts they were, they bit him. Flesh flung in ribbons into the dark. Nini, near tears made her wings work and lifted from the ground and to the peak of a near by ghost hut. Perched, she watched in horror as the monsters tore Zim apart, and ate him.

No. No, this mustn't happen! Zim was protecting her. He was-

"Be still, be quiet, little Nini. They only feast on my body, not me." Zim's voice in her mind spoke. Her blue eyes widened.

"Now listen well. My powers are yours. In time I will return to claim them back. Seek vengeance, little Nini. Seek your vengeance now, as they feed."

Nini stared at the horrid abominations down there, she heard the thick smacking noises as they feasted, and her stomach slowly churned. She did not believe the Zim voice in her head. There was no way she had somehow absorbed his powers. No possible way-

"Imagine yourself a warrior, Nini. Hurry."

"No." She told the voice.

"Shsh! Quiet your tongue! Now, imagine yourself the greatest warrior ever to exist. Imagine you are of human form, as I my body was. Do it now."

Nini closed her eyes, in spite of her disbelief. She thought of Zim's humanish form. She thought of the sword skill he had exhibited. She sent her mind to imagine a feminine form with a warrior's body. She imagined that form fearless, stronger and swifter than any known creature.

Something under her feet made a low creak. Sh ignored it. There was no time to-

The creak exploded into a crash, and then she was falling. Falling, but not far. Debris from the hut's roof pummeled the top of her head ans sifted heavy dust through the air. Something screamed. Something else began to weep.

Nini stood on the floor of the hut, instead of the roof. Coughing, fanning her hands before her to clear away the dust, she saw a small child ghost weeping at the far end of the hut. He stood there, staring at her, caught in an eternity of sorrow.

A whitish figure swiped passed Nini and she gasped. Ghosts were horrible things, but harmless for the most part. Still, they sacred her sometimes. She stepped forward, stopped. She felt different. Her entire visual plain was much great than it had been. She felt pulses of energy passing through her. She was taller. She was big, like Zim had been.

"Hurry, dear one, and claim your vengeance while the power lasts. You do not have long since you do not know how to use it. A sword lay ont eh hut floor, at your feet. But hear me well, Nini. I will return to claim back my powers, and when I do, you must die. You are my chosen one, and you must be sacrificed to bring forth greater powers for me to hold and learn. Now...kill the vampyer's that destroyed your people!" She felt Zim's presence leave her in a single gust.

Nini, confused, and frightened, looked down at her feet to see the very same sword Zim had plucked from the air not to long ago. She bent, picked it up and straightened. Instantly she felt power course through her new body.

Nini left the hut. Yes. vengeance would be hers. Yet, she wondered about Zim's threat, his promise to return and kill her. Why must he kill her? What did she do to him? Nothing, but the word sacrifice kept ringing in her head.

They still fed upon Zim's body, none of them aware that Nini was approaching them, fearless for the first time. Zim's sword held poised for slicing. Images flashed through her head in random flickers. Her mother embracing her after her first failed flight lesson that resulted in an injured wing, her people pulling together to defeat a troublesome colossis, her mother, her father, mother, father, sisters, all being butched, all being eaten alive by hideous monsters from the dark, evil devils from pits unknown.

Nini let go a loud roar of rage, and sprinted at the corwd of vampyres, sword slashing in fast, hard arcs. And oh, how the life liquid sprayed and splattered. Then, like Zim, something hard and rough, like bark, struck her back. Bark? The trees! She heard them growling.

So now Nini has Zim's powers, but for a price. When will Zim be back to claim them back? I don't know. All I know is that Zim will return and that Nini's danger is not yet at an end. There are worse things than vampyers out there. Part 6 will be done by Saturday. I hope you enjoyed this part in the sprawling story of our now large fairy hero. Let me know. Thanks.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

glad to see someone still using the word vampyr. nice work, lucas.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks! I try. :-)

Susan Miller said...

Wonderful, Lucas. Thank you for sharing this.

Lucas Pederson said...

Glad to of service m'lady.

etain_lavena said...

My word....never expected it to be so violent....hectic....but it is offcourse good, Lucas!!!

Charles Gramlich said...

That's a nice twist that I didn't see coming. Good job.

Lucas Pederson said...

Etain, inorder for Nini to seek her vengeance, violence was my only choice. But thanks for teh good words!
Charles, Thanks! While I was writing a few ideas popped into my frantic mind, I chose this one. At least it's likeable.

Travis said...

Violence was a choice, and it worked. But hopefully there is never an "only" choice.

Now for Part 6.