Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ice Mountain: Part 6

With all her will, she pushed herself into the hole in the darkness. She pushed, growling with both rage and desparation.

And slowly, she began to re-enter her foremind.That's when the thing, the posion, whirled and she saw it face to face. She saw it, and screamed.

It stood like a hunched lizard, black fork tongue lashing the air in her direction. It was truly hideous. Its scaly face regarded her with what could have been rage. Sarah had escaped her prison, somehow, and here she was. The creature, she noted, did not like that at all. She was supposed to die. It was supposed to take over. But Sarah, not been one to give up so easily under pressure, unless so ill her mind could not work properly, had acted on instinct when the hole opened in the darkness. Instinct, sometimes, could be trusted more so than any known fact. Instinct was one of life's many truths.

The creature, the poison, glared at Sarah., its slanted amber eyes narrowing on her. Its red naked body heaved with each and every angry breath. Its large clawed hands clenched, unclenched, clenched.

It lurched forward on feet sporting sharp curled talons.

Sarah held her breath, she didn't have a weapon here, in her own mind. There was no way to--

Her eyes drifted to the beast's ominous feet. There lay not her sword, but her father's. The poison glanced down, spotted the sword, and then looked back up at Sarah. It chuckled.

"Naughty, naughty, little girl. You should not be playing with such dangerous things," it said and stooped to pick up the sword.

Sarah did not know where the sword had come from, nonetheless, she darted forward and kciked the giant liazrd being in the face. The thing squealed, staggered backwards and away from the sword.

Sarah swept it from the floor, and attacked.

The creature proved quicker than she might have expected. It dodged her every attenpt to slice it to bloody strips. IT laughed as it did so, mcking her.

Sarah roared, side stepped, faked to the right, and then whirled left just in time to pull the sharp blade of her father's sword across the viel thing's mid-section. It shrieked and flailed away from her, one claw holding its bleeding middle.

Summoning all her strength, Sarah spun, and lopped off the poison's head. It flew out into darkness, she hoeped never to be seen again. She did not much like the feeling of having some abomination's head floateing around in her mind, but it was too late now. Its body crumbled to the floor, smoldered, and then liquified into bubbling goo.

Her father's sword droppped from her hands. She turned and--

"Woman?" asked the hairy faced man, poised so close to her face she could smell the stench of long ago ale.

"H-Help," she managed. Her throat burned with misuse. Gods, the ctreature had been brutal to her body.

The beared man gave her a nod.

Soon, they led her to their village.

(To be Continued)

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Charles Gramlich said...

I like the personification of the poison. Cool

Travis said...

I agree with Charles - excellent choice my friend.

Donnetta Lee said...

Woooo! Poor little thing. So what's going to happen to her now?? Guess I'll just have to come by later and find out!

Fab said...

Interesting. So her father's sword happens to be there... Who is that bearded man?
I liked this part very much. And agree with Charles and Travis about the poison. Good for her for not giving in to it.

Lucas Pederson said...

Charles, thanks buddy! I thought it was a good idea too. In a way, I hope it's kind of symbolic too.

Travis, thank you so much! Glad to see you come back!

Donnetta, well, it's about time.
:-) Good to see you out and about! I'm glad you're liking this little series so far! Thanks a billion!!! And yes, do stop by later. I'll have Part 7 up either Friday or Saturday!

Fab, yep. Her father's sword. There's a history there with that old sword we'll get to shortly, I think. And as for the bearded man? well, we'll have to continue to find out. Thanks so much your support!

Christina said...

I don't know about you, but I'm getting antsy for some info from Cutting Block. The hardest part about all this is waiting.

Lucas Pederson said...

Christina, yeah I know. The wait is a pain the bum, so to speak. But, I guess, that's part of the game and we just gotta push through it. I'm getting ansty too, by the way. It's hard to wait three months for a reply, if not longer. Guess we'll have to see. I really hope we both make it. That'll be sweet. Thanks for stopping by and I'll chat at ya later!