Friday, August 17, 2007

Ice Mountain: Part 7

"H-Help," she managed. Her throat burned with misuse.

Gods, the creature had been brutal to her body.

The bearded man gave her a nod and soon they led her to their village.

These men were tall, broad, and in all likeliness resembled those kind but brutish trolls from the Under Grounds, which were slow, clumsy and calm. But it was just the bodies of these men, if that's what they really were, made Sara think of them as so. They were quick, both in wit and body. And they were warriors. She knew that just by the look in their pale blue eyes. They all had blue eyes. She could also tell by the way the long legged creatures were no longer after her. How those ugly monsters lay in pieces back at the clearing.

They surrounded her, leading her into a small, but teeming village. Woman, men, and yes, even children, some as tall as Sara was, milled about doing chores, talking amongst one another or hammering out, forging, massive battle axes. It seemed their only true trade, those dangerous axes. The children chased each other in between cabins and through what could have been a vegetable garden. This made her think about her own child, her son, Andrew.

She prayed the devilish dragon that had stolen Andrew away from her almost two months ago was gentle with her dear Andrew. Although, in all likeliness, her son was probably in pain. With such a vile creature as, The Outward Dragon, anything was possible, even Andrew's death. She wondered if what the poison had told her was true. Had Andrew fallen victim to a similar poison? Was his body now being controlled by said poison as she walked with these giantish men? Terror capered at the thought. Suddenly she wanted to break away from these men and continue on her journey. That thought, however noble, faded, though. These men had saved her, had brought her to what she assumed would be relative safety. She must follow their lead, and be humble to them. It was only the right thing to do. Still, her belly twisted with the want, need, to find her Andrew and slay that demon dragon where it lay.

As they entered the village the women shot Sara untrustful glances. She supposed she could not blame them. She was, after all, an outsider, and a woman to boot. If she were tossed into their position she would be wary too. Perhaps she would even wonder about her husband's loyalty for a brief second or two.

The bearded men led her through the small streets and to a massive cabin built of various colored stones. The lead man tuned to her.

"My name is Fuog. This is the home of our king, Gilead. Here you will be able to present your troubles. Our king will decide how to help you."

Fuog smiled softly, blue eyes kind, gentle.

"And he shall help you, I promise this will all my heart," Fuog said and gestured her toward the double doors.

Sara, her heart quickening a little, stepped to the doors. When she glanced back, the warriors were gone. She drew a deep breath, and knocked.

The doors opened and a voice, calm, kind, spoke.

"Please, Sara, come in. We have much to palaver, I suspect."

Wide eyed, Sara entered the huge cabin of stones.

The light in here was dim, almost soothing. The doors closed behind her as if by their own accord. Sara stepped further into the house, cautiously.

"Come," Said that kind voice she had heard upon opening the doors.

"Come forward, dear Sara."

She did not see the man standing before the her until she nearly ran into him. With a slight shriek, she halted at once. The man, tall, and thin, smiled down at her. Although, this man was not as tall as the warrior men, Sara's face only reached to his narrow chest.

The man stepped back a little, still smiling.

"I have something for you," he said, and unsheathed a sword that hadn't been there a moment ago. Or had it? She could not remember.

The sword, was her father's.

"H-How-"Sara began.

The man chuckled lightly and said,

"You will need his sword for slaying the dragon, dear Sara. It is the only one in existence that can."

He handed her the sword. Then he pointed to her side.

"That one, will not."

Sara glanced down and her breath caught. Her sword was back in its sheath. She thought she had dropped it back there in the clearing. She had forgotten all about it. Unless, one of the warriors had found it and placed it back where it belonged. She wasn't sure.

"I am Gilead. These kind folks call me their king, I am more widely known as a wizard, however."

"That's how you know my name," Sara said, a shred of light entered her mind.

Gilead nodded. Gilead pointed at her father's sword, the one that had been buried with him so many years ago. It seemed to have aged not at all.

"And it is how I have this to give you," said Gilead.

Sara lifted the old sword to look at the blade, which appeared keen and shiny, not a scratch or a nick in it. It was as if had never been used.

"The sword heals itself, Sara," Gilead said, as if reading her mind.

Then he motioned fro her to follow him. She did, awestruck. He walked lightly across the stone cobbled floor. They soon entered a gargantuan chamber alight with many candles.

"Your father found that sword, you know. It was never made by human hands. It was made by Ricul, the Under Earth God. Ricul forged it himself and hammered its keen blade. He then gave it powers. It is indestructible, and can cut through the heaviest of armor, even dragon scales, the toughest of them all. Do you know where your father found it, Sara?"

Sara remembered.

"On a journey to stop the Great Horde of Slogguth," She said.

"Yes," Gilead said, "but where?"

Sara shook her head, that much she could not remember.

Gilead laughed. He stopped walking and turned to her. In the light of this huge chamber she could see his face more clearly. It was gaunt, but not so to make the wizard seem either vile or mean. Just old aged. His white hair was cropped short to his skull.

"'Tis okay, dear Sara. Your father found the sword in Caves of Boil Rock. It was planted into a dragon's skull. Only one of honor could pull it out, and among those companions with you father, it was he who pulled the sword free."

Sara frowned.

"How did it get in my mind? The poison--"

"Yes," Gilead said. "The poison. Such vile things, to be true. It was I who sent the sword there, my dear. I saw your pain, and I sent forth the sword. It was the least I could do. Your son, Andrew, is of importance you know? And not just because he is you son."

Her frown deepened.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Andrew," Said Gilead, "is destined to be king of All World."

Sara stood, gaping. All World. That meant he was to be king of every kingdom! But--

"In time, you shall see. But you must rescue him from the devil in the devil in the mountain. The Out Ward Dragon. He is waiting for you, I can feel his evil glare even now. His eyes are fixed upon you, Sara. IF Andrew dies, it will mean the end of all kingdoms. One by one they and their kings will fall to the dragon's power. But the dragon also needs you, Sara. IT needs your blood to give it greater power. Your father's blood, Andrew's blood."

She turned away from the wizard, feeling as though she would weep. How was she to stop such a monster? How?

Gentle cool hands fell on her shoulders.

"I will show you, dear Sara," Whispered Gilead in her ear.

"I will show you the power in yourself."

(To be Continued...)

This was much longer the other parts, and if it deterred you any, I apologize. This part was always meant to contain the most information. I felt it as I began to write. Sometimes you just have to follow your feelings. Thanks!


Charles Gramlich said...

I thought this was good because I think the reader needed the pace to slow a little so they could catch their breath and reorient themselves for more. You worked needed information in here well. This will set up the reader for more to come.

Susan Miller said...

Man, Lucas, I got some catching up to do here. You have obviously been working hard, and it shows. Yep, go with the feelings on it...they'll lead you in the right direction.

It's always a pleasure coming here and watching what you do.

Fab said...

I'm glad you didn't split this up in two parts. It would have broken the pase.

You really delivered great work here. You explained some things I was questioning. As always, it was a pleasure to read.

Lucas Pederson said...

Thanks Charles! I think it need a slow down too. As I began writing this part I knew that was what had to be done. Not only did the reader need a breather, I did as well. I found as I began writing this, that I had to slow down, had to really explain some things before all hell broke loose again. I was very pleased with the outcome. Thanks again!!

Susan! Wow! Long time no see!! Yep, you got a lot to catch up on. But, hey if you dont' catch up by the end of this series, you can always go back int eh archives. Whatever you wish. And thanks for the good words. It's always a pleasure seeing you stop by. I'll be stopping by your blog shortly here. I barely have time to tie my own shoes anymore. Thanks!

Fab, you're right. If I had broken this part up the pace would have been obliterated. That's why I kept it in one piece. This is the heart of the story, I think. It explains some of the questions even I had while writing the other parts. I'm really glad you liked it! And thank you so much for sticking this thing out!

Fab said...

Oh "pace", of course. It felt wrong when I typed it ...

Lucas Pederson said...

Quite all right, m'dear Fab....quite all write. :-D

Talk to ya later!