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The Fairy (Part 6) The Conclusion

This will be the end of my Fairy story. I hope it does not anger any of you. I will continue on with this story however, and make it an outline for a novel. Enjoy Part 6.

A deep, earthly growling that made the soil under her tremble. The vampyrs were on her at once. She eliminated perhaps four of them, that left eight more. Eight was still too many, though.

They piled on top of her, snarling and clawing.

Meanwhile, the trees continued to growl.

Nini screamed as on of the vampyrs tore into her should with its sharp fangs. She cried out as another broke her left wing. Ravenous creatures!

She tried throwing them off her, but they had her pinned to the vibrating ground, face down. With all the powers Zim had forced upon her, Nini could not even thrust one of them off. This stirred panic in her like liquid fire. They would kill her now, like they did to Zim, her people, everything they touched. They would drink of her life liquid without a care. Such vile beasts! What God could have created such horrible monsters and allow them to rape the world in which they inhabit? If there was such a God she would relish in the though of spitting the thing in its warty eyes and then lopping of its filthy head!

Then the ground under her started to rise.

The vampyrs paused their attack.

Something was happening. The trees? Could it be the trees? But the trees haven't moved in ages, why now? As if in answer, a roar like thunder shook the air.

The vampyrs slid off her and moved away.

Nini, realizing she was free, groaned in pain, and rolled onto her back so she could see what was going on. She wished she hadn't, for what stood looming over her she had never in her life wanted to meet; the Tree Keeper, glared down at her with its vicious red eyes. Its tall, thin body gave the impression that it owned the very world. Its pointed shoulders hunched, as if stuck in an eternal scowl, poised for attack. The Keeper never came out of hiding unless seriously provoked.

"A fairy?" It asked, puzzled.

Nini sat up. She nodded.

The Keeper stepped forward, glanced at the small group of vampyrs and then looked back down at Nini. It swept a giant claw in the direction of the wood.

"My trees tell me of unharnessed powers, evil powers, being cast about foolishly." It leaned down to face her. It head nearly as large as half her new body.

To my knowledge, fairies only carry earthly powers. To heal, love, and the like. My trees also speak of evil creatures not from this world." Its eyes flicked back at the vampyrs again, and then fell back to Nini.

"They are right to speak of such." Nini managed, and noted how her new voice seemed to boom out of her larger mouth.

The Keeper appeared to smile.

"And the last I knew, fairies are supposed to be small folk, not as large as you are."

"Zim the wizard gave me the power to grow before his end." Nini said.

At this the creature straightened.

"A wizard, you say? Impossible. Wizards are no more in the world."

"He was a wizard." Nini said, not mentioning her thoughts about Zim being a sorcerer.

"Odd." The Keeper said after a brief pause.

Its eyes moved passed her to the vampyrs once more.

"And as for you!" The Keeper's voice so loud and deep it shook Nini's insides.

She turned enough to see the vampyrs cower under that thunderous voice. She relished in the sight of it.

"You are not part of this world! You are not creatures, but demons, a plague! I know what you are! Vampyrs! And you are not welcome here!" The last word nearly defend Nini.

The trees started to howl, as if in pain. The ground shook violently. Nini dared not get to her feet. If she tried she'd be thrown back to the ground. The Vampyrs hissed, shrieked and clawed at the air int he direction of The Keeper.

Out of the darkness shot forth sharp wooden spears. Before Nini could grasp what had happened, all eight vampyrs had been impaled. They thrashed and screamed their agony into the night air. Deep holes appeared under each monster int eh ground.

"You are to be imprisoned here! Dead or not, you will never leave this village of ghosts. Nor will you wonder along side the residents here!" The Keeper announced.

Then all eight were tossed into their individual holes, shrieking. A couple all ready appeared dead, Nini noted. Roots from the trees then slithered into the holes, detached from the trees themselves for the singular purpose of binding. Then the holes were filled in, silencing the screams.

Nini turned to The Keeper, fearing it would be her turn to be impaled and buried. But the Keeper surprised her with its soft tone.

"Dear fairy, what is your name?" It asked. This so astounded Nini, she could not find words to speak.

When she finally did, she said.


"Ah yes. The lone survivor. I have heard of you Nini, from the trees. They have been speaking of you often since the destruction. Tell me, Nini, where is this Zim?"

Nini looked around, but Zim's body had vanished. She looked back at the creature and shrugged. It nodded.

"He is not a wizard, you know."

"A sorcerer." She said and then sighed.

"No." The Keeper said.

"He is something else. And he is not of this world. Is he dead?"

"Yes." Then after a moment. "No."

"Which is it, Nini?"

"He spoke of returning to claim back his powers. And to kill me."

At this The Keeper reared in surprise.

"To kill you? Why ever would he want to?"

"A prophecy. I'm to his sacrifice."

"No you will not." The Keeper growled. Then.

"I believe fair Zim has gone mad with power. He was once a very brave warrior, and a Keeper of and entire world. He was once fair, and kind, selfless to a point. Oh yes, I knew him. All us Keepers must know the others, even in separate worlds."

Nini once again could not speak, she was too shocked to even move her lips. She gaped up at the tall creature, lost again.

It chuckled lightly. It motioned fro her to stand. She stood.

"Come, Nini. We have much to talk about. Did Zim speak of when he might return?"

"After a season." Nini said, not really remembering all of what Zim had told her.

"That gives us time."

"For what?" Nini asked.

"To prepare for him. He'll come in a different form, but we will be ready, and we shall fight him. He has gone mad with his powers, his need for more, he must be stopped. Come, I will prepare you for his coming. But for tonight, you shall rest that bumbling new body of yours. Has he told how to return to your natural size?"

"No." Nini said as they began walking away from the ghost village.

"This, we will learn together. It shalt not be hard, I should hope."

And together they moved into the forest. The trees around them waved their passing. The night fell silent once again, and the ghosts of the village came out to caper on the graves of the vampyrs.


On the season of the Crying Moon, Zim returned to the world. And when he found Nini, their battle would become legend.

Okay. I know I ended this with a huge cliffhanger. I'm sorry. Perhaps sometime in the future I will return to Nini's world and show you what a grand time she had with The Keeper of the Trees. What she learned and what she discovered about her self. Perhaps I will show you the great battle between her and Zim. But for now, I will let you come up with your own conclusions. And how Nini grew during her time with The Keeper. Let your imagination soar! No need to write it down, just open your mind...and see. Thank you.

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The Fairy (Part 5)

Okay, so I lied about the time frame. Here's part 5.

A quick flash of silver and the lead vampyer's head flew off its grotesque body. Nini closed her eyes. She didn't want to see what horrible life liquid pumped out of the stump of its neck. No. That would not do at all.

"Stay down!" Zim shouted in her head.

But she wouldn't, she couldn't. She had to see. Then the other monsters rushed at Zim. Silvery streaks whisper through the night air, and body parts of all types began to fly away from their host bodies. The injured creatures shrieked with both agony and rage.

And what was that? Nini frowned. Just under the shrieks, why, she heard alughter. Not humorous laughter, but mad laughter; frightening laughter. She soon realized the orgin of that awful laughter came forth from Zim! No wizard Nini ever heard of in a story, laughed like that. Wizards are supposed to be kind, caring, peaceful creatures; not ruthless and mad demons. If one wanted ruthless and mad, they should seek out a sorcerer. Was Zim a sorcerer? Nini prayed to teh Earthen God that he was not.

Then there was a low thud! sound, and Zim tottered, swayed,a nd dropped to the ground heavily. Something had struck his back, hard. Nini spilled out of the pocket and flipped on to the cold ground of the ghost village, completely exposed. She flitted to her feet, glancing around, heart hammering mightily in her small chest. At first she saw nothing. Then, upon turning around to where Zim had fallen, she saw them. Twelve, she counted twelve.

But all twelve of the vmapyers were not interested in her at all. It was Zim they attacked. Huddling over the man-creature, they clawed at him, growling like the beasts they were, they bit him. Flesh flung in ribbons into the dark. Nini, near tears made her wings work and lifted from the ground and to the peak of a near by ghost hut. Perched, she watched in horror as the monsters tore Zim apart, and ate him.

No. No, this mustn't happen! Zim was protecting her. He was-

"Be still, be quiet, little Nini. They only feast on my body, not me." Zim's voice in her mind spoke. Her blue eyes widened.

"Now listen well. My powers are yours. In time I will return to claim them back. Seek vengeance, little Nini. Seek your vengeance now, as they feed."

Nini stared at the horrid abominations down there, she heard the thick smacking noises as they feasted, and her stomach slowly churned. She did not believe the Zim voice in her head. There was no way she had somehow absorbed his powers. No possible way-

"Imagine yourself a warrior, Nini. Hurry."

"No." She told the voice.

"Shsh! Quiet your tongue! Now, imagine yourself the greatest warrior ever to exist. Imagine you are of human form, as I my body was. Do it now."

Nini closed her eyes, in spite of her disbelief. She thought of Zim's humanish form. She thought of the sword skill he had exhibited. She sent her mind to imagine a feminine form with a warrior's body. She imagined that form fearless, stronger and swifter than any known creature.

Something under her feet made a low creak. Sh ignored it. There was no time to-

The creak exploded into a crash, and then she was falling. Falling, but not far. Debris from the hut's roof pummeled the top of her head ans sifted heavy dust through the air. Something screamed. Something else began to weep.

Nini stood on the floor of the hut, instead of the roof. Coughing, fanning her hands before her to clear away the dust, she saw a small child ghost weeping at the far end of the hut. He stood there, staring at her, caught in an eternity of sorrow.

A whitish figure swiped passed Nini and she gasped. Ghosts were horrible things, but harmless for the most part. Still, they sacred her sometimes. She stepped forward, stopped. She felt different. Her entire visual plain was much great than it had been. She felt pulses of energy passing through her. She was taller. She was big, like Zim had been.

"Hurry, dear one, and claim your vengeance while the power lasts. You do not have long since you do not know how to use it. A sword lay ont eh hut floor, at your feet. But hear me well, Nini. I will return to claim back my powers, and when I do, you must die. You are my chosen one, and you must be sacrificed to bring forth greater powers for me to hold and learn. Now...kill the vampyer's that destroyed your people!" She felt Zim's presence leave her in a single gust.

Nini, confused, and frightened, looked down at her feet to see the very same sword Zim had plucked from the air not to long ago. She bent, picked it up and straightened. Instantly she felt power course through her new body.

Nini left the hut. Yes. vengeance would be hers. Yet, she wondered about Zim's threat, his promise to return and kill her. Why must he kill her? What did she do to him? Nothing, but the word sacrifice kept ringing in her head.

They still fed upon Zim's body, none of them aware that Nini was approaching them, fearless for the first time. Zim's sword held poised for slicing. Images flashed through her head in random flickers. Her mother embracing her after her first failed flight lesson that resulted in an injured wing, her people pulling together to defeat a troublesome colossis, her mother, her father, mother, father, sisters, all being butched, all being eaten alive by hideous monsters from the dark, evil devils from pits unknown.

Nini let go a loud roar of rage, and sprinted at the corwd of vampyres, sword slashing in fast, hard arcs. And oh, how the life liquid sprayed and splattered. Then, like Zim, something hard and rough, like bark, struck her back. Bark? The trees! She heard them growling.

So now Nini has Zim's powers, but for a price. When will Zim be back to claim them back? I don't know. All I know is that Zim will return and that Nini's danger is not yet at an end. There are worse things than vampyers out there. Part 6 will be done by Saturday. I hope you enjoyed this part in the sprawling story of our now large fairy hero. Let me know. Thanks.

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The Fairy (Part 4)

First off, I want to humbly thank everyone for reading what I write. It means so much to me to see that I have such good people willing to look at my work, and give feedback! Without you, dear devoted readers, I wouldn't even be here. Thank you, with all my heart. Here's Part 4..enjoy.

Quiet. All fell to silence. Nini slept blissfully, snuggled down deep in Zim's large breast pocket. Her weary body and tired mind drifted into a dark nothingness. A nothingness of peace, timeless...

...Or perhaps not...

"Time to wake, dear Nini. Zim's voice boomed.

Nini snapped awake. She lay on a tiny thatch of cloth that stunk of something foul. She didn't know what. So they had landed. But where? Nini sat up, groggy and bewildered. She soon took in that it was night.

Zim sat before a small crackling fire, leaned casually up against the thick trunk of an old oak. Nini ignored its pleas to get the wizard away from it. Sometimes trees could be so damn whiny.

"Where are we?" She asked, and got to her feet.

Zim smiled, his eyes drifted to her. She gasped. For just a second she thought Zim's face had shifted, become some other face entirely.

"Boarders." Zim said after a moment. "They will be here soon. This will be the battle to end all battles, my dear. They come for you, though. They love you people's blood."

"Life liquid." Nini corrected absently.

"Whatever you like." Zim said.

"Boarders? Of what?" She asked.

"The Northern Wrights." Nini had never heard of such a place.

His eyes moved back to the fire. They glowed a deep purple, flecked with dancing red flames.

Zim seemed different now, not so kind, not so gentle.

He jumped to his feet.

"They approach." He whispered.

Kicking dirt over the fire to, yes, extinguish it, Zim also motioned for her to return to his pocket. This time she shook her head. His eyes suddenly flared rage.

"NOW!" Roared his voice in her mind.

She could help but scream and gasp her ears with shaking hands.

But before she could fly away, Zim took hold of her and jammed her in his pocket.

"Stay out of sight." His voice whispered in her mind.

Nini slipped deeper into the large pocket, just enough to look over its frayed edge. Was it frayed before? She couldn't remember. Only the top of her head and eyes were revealed. Moving with a speed she could not comprehend, Zim sprinted to another tree, this one an elderly fir. He climbed to the very center of it as agile as a squirrel.

He parted a couple boughs, and they gazed down upon a small village. A ghost village, by what Nini saw. Her heart quickened. She detested ghosts, the vile beings. Even now she spotted one gliding across the badly wheel rutted main road that separated the villae into two halves. She shuddered.

Then she saw them. Hunched, long arms swaying at their sides, open claws swiping the air, palesfaces bobbing up and downm what Zim called vampyers, trotted into the village directly in front of the large fir where Zima dn Nini hid. Terror leaped up inside Nini and dug its claws own claws in. Oh, they were such ugly monsters!

Eyes like yellow fire-orbs flashed every which way. Even from here she could spot their elongated mouths and jaws snapping at the dense air about the ghost village. Their long fangs gleamed silver in the moonlight.

The ravenous creatures that eliminated her entire species stopped at the centre of the main village road. Sorrow panged Nini's heart. Images of these horrible things massacring everyone she held dear in her life, wafted by in seconds.

"Be still. Be silent. They know something other than the ghosts are here. They just don't know where." Zim spoke in her mind.

So little Nini held still, and tried to clear her mind. No such luck, however. Sorrow soon blossomed into white hot rage. She wanted vengeance now more than ever. She rose part way out of the pocket. He immediately push her back down with one calloused finger. She was tempted to bite him. Zim lightly patted his pocket, shushing her thought at once. The vampyres were heading int he direction of the fir searching, pugged noses sniffing. Even now she could smell their acrid stench.

They moved through the village, hunched low, narrow heads jittering and jerking in all directions, their large pointed ears tilted, moving to catch the slightest of sounds.

Zim remained motionless. A slight breeze wafted through the tree,and the tree moaned. Its boughs creaked with age. Worry slipped into the fairy like a sliver of steel. She gasped, unable to help herself as sheer fright cut her deep and quick.

The monsters stopped,and in unison, they tilted their ugly head up to look at the fir tree before them. Nini froze. One of them stepped forward, head tilted, listening. The others crowded in close to it.

Nini felt the flump-bump of Zim's steady heart beat. He did not move.

Then the vampyers started to scream.

In no more than a blink, Zim leaped from th fir tree to the ground in front of the creatures, Nini still hugged inside his breast pocket. She peered over the frayed edge,and shuddered again. She didn't know if they saw her or not, but she saw them. Oh yes. Sh saw them and bared her teeth at them. She even let go an unlikely hiss of rage. Niether Zim nor the creatures seemed to notice.

Zim drew a sword the likes she has never seen from the air before him. The sword wasn't long, and unlike the heavy swords of this world, it was thin, ever so slightly curved. In a way, it was beautiful.

"You all know who I am, thus you know why I am here." Zim shouted.

Ghosted of all shapes and sizes hurried off into their dark homes.

The vampyers growled. One of them stepped forward.

"Zim. You really are a wonder! I never thought you'd follow us here. Where's the fairy?" It spoke as if it had a mouth full of tree bark, but Nini understood it perfectly.

"I know of no fairy, monster. I've come for you and your fellowship."

The vampyer barked laughter. When it was finished it said.

"Fellowship? Is that what you think my companions are? A fellowship? No Zim. We are a legion, a will of our own. We are the hurricanes of the human world...and now this one." It shrugged, sighed.

"No where's the fairy? We know you got her, so where did you put her?"

"I know of no fairy demon! I know of no fairy!" Zim screamed...and then Nini was holding on for her life.

Silver flashed through the air.

Part 5 will be done either Sunday or Monday. Sorry it takes so long between posts but my work schedule has doubled on me. So please forgive me if a post goes up a little late. Thanks to all. Later.

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Renewal: A Baby's Cry

I want to take time out right now from the Fairy story to reveal a Stewart Sternberg assignment. Part 4 of The Fairy will be posted either Thursday or Friday. Enjoy!

She killed her baby without realizing it. By the time she looked down, saw the pillow crushed over her infant's face, and lifted it off with a horrified shriek, little Becky was dead.

"No." She gasped.
"No, no, no."

She picked the baby up in her arms. She gave her mouth to mouth. The baby didn't so much as twitch or whimper. Little Becky was dead. Tears cascaded down Holly's face.

"No." Holly repeated. She placed her daughter's body back in the crib.

"Oh Jesus." She looked around the nursery as if seeing it for the first time. The walls capered with Looney Tunes characters. Here Bugs Bunny leaning against a mail box, chomping ona carrot. There Tasmanian Devil whirling, nothing visible but a foot here and a hand there, and his devilish eyes.

Holly didn't even remember walking in the nursery in the first place. Last she knew she had been sitting on the couch, watching Days of Our Lives, and crying for no God damn reason. So how the hell did she get up here without being aware of it?

Holly shuddered. Her right eye twitched. Her mouth opened, closed, opened, like a fish finding itself stranded on shore, struggling to breathe. A low moan escaped that fishy mouth. Her heart throbbed monotonously in her chest.

She turned away from her dead baby and left the nursery, eyes vacant, tears streamed her haggard face.

A few minutes later she sat on the living room couch, her husband's 12 gauge shotgun between her legs, muzzle pointed straight up at the ceiling. She wept.

Holly wept for her baby, the one she brought into this world, the same she had taken out. She wept for her husband, Rick. Oh what a good man he was. She wept for herself.

Normally St. Patrick's Day was a fun holiday. And with her being part Irish, she celebrated it full heartedly. This was the first time she ever hated the national holiday.

Holly lowered the barrel, and tilted the gun so the barrels' maw aimed at her head. She sighed, and opened her mouth.

When her teeth clacked against the steel barrel, she began to sob even harder. The taste of gun oil and cold metal filled her mouth. Her tongue quivered. Her eyes floated to the photograph on the wall just to the right of their newly bought plasma TV. Becky, fresh, and still flushed from birth. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly agape. Her little red lips glistened. Oh God, she had been so beautiful.

Holly slipped off her slipper and brought her foot up to the shotguns' trigger guard, paused, and then slid her big toe through the trigger guard. Her eyes fixed on Becky there on the wall. Tears spilled down her cheeks in mini rivers. Then-

Just before her big toe moved to pull the trigger, a baby began to cry.

Holly froze, holding her breath. Could it be? Was Becky really alive?

Holly wasted no time, she removed the shotgun barrel from her mouth. Her toe slipped away from the trigger and she set her foot down on the coosh carpet. Heart thrumming wildly, she put the gun down on the couch and stood up.

The crying lifted in volume just then. Oh Jesus, please, she thought as she stumbled out of the living room and to the stairs. There she paused to listen. A smile lengthened on her tear-wet face, because the crying came from upstairs.

She scrambled up the stairs, sobbing with joy.

"I'm coming! I'm coming sweet heart!"

Holly tripped, stumbled down a few steps, got up and raced to the top/ She turned left and stopped. Listening, she knew exactly where the crying was coming from. The nursery. Holly sprinted to the doorway, hesitated, and then ran into the small room. She trotted over to the crib.

"Mommy's here, sweetie. Mommy's-"

Becky still lay as Holly had left her. Lifeless, and still purple, mouth gaping , as if still trying to suck in air. It was from there, that sweet tiny mouth, where the crying came from. Holly backed away, shaking her head.

"No." Oh God. Nooo!"

She backed away until her butt struck the changing table. Holly screamed. She screamed, screamed, her baby was dead, dead, dead, still crying but dead, screamed-

Hon? Hol? Hey!"

She snapped awake, screaming. She sat up.

"Whoa, whoa! Hey! Holly, Holly! Easy!"

Hands groped her, then drew her into a warm, familiar body. The screaming stopped and she glanced around, suddenly lost.

"Shshsh." It was just a nightmare." Her husband, Rick's, voice, soothing, loving.


"It's okay. you're all righ-"

"Becky! Becky! Oh God!"

Holly burst out of bed. Yes. She was in her bedroom now. It was dark..night. But how? It was around noon when-

"A dream! She cried as she raced down the hall.

From behind her-

"Holly? Quiet you'll-"

"It was a DREAM!" She declared to the gloomy hallway. Tears bulleted down her face, but she didn't care.

She burst into the nursery, flipped on the light. Almost instantly after, a baby began to cry. She stood, watching a small bundled figure as it squirmed. Holly went to the crib, and looked down at the writhing baby. It was Becky, her, Becky, alive; alive and screaming her pretty, sweet head off! What a beautiful baby.

A firm, but very gentle hand, swung her around. Rick stood, frowning, but his eyes revealed only concern, not anger.

"She's alive! She's all right!" Holly shouted over Becky's bawling.

Rick's eyes drifted to their baby in the crib and then back to her.

"Of course she is." He said. Then asked-

"What was your dream about?"

Holly turned to look at her daughter, still crying, and smiled.

"Nothing important." She said.


"Nothing!" She shouted, giggling.

Holly went to her baby, and lifted her out of the crib.


Rick stood back, dumbfounded. He watched her cradle Becky and wondered just what that dream had been about. Because Holly hadn't so much as looked at Becky, until tonight. The doctor said she's need a close watching, and time to really see her baby, to love her baby. Now, she pulled out a breast from her nightgown for their baby girl to suck on. And so everything was just fine. Everything was renewed.

Postpartum's a bitch, he thought absently...yes it is.

The End

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Fairy (Part3)

The colossis gave the sun one last look before moving it great body and titling its broad head up at her. The giant beast was ugly, but not so much that Nini felt an urge to look away, like with the rest of those massive nasty creatures. Its eyes narrowed on her.

“Nini.” The colossis said, thoughtfully.

It was all she could do to simply nod. The beast then did a surprising thing, it smiled. As far as she knew these creatures were incapable of smiling. She watched as its eyes softened.

“No need to fear me, little one. I’m not the beast I appear to be.” It brutish face suddenly rippled, and changed. Nini gasped as it narrowed and shrunk and grew a smooth blade of a nose and, why yes, human eyes. Could that be? A human? But how? Human were no more, like all the fairy tribes, they were eradicated. So how-

The colossis chuckled.

“I am not a human, Nini. My name is Zim, I’m a wizard, of sorts, you might say.”

“A wizard?” Nini asked, astonished, her eyebrows rose. Wizards were said to be extinct over a million years ago, long before even the humans were gone.

“Yes.” Zim the wizard said. “They’re all gone. I’m the last of what you might call, wizard. But I’m not the sort you think I am, little Nini. I am a different species than you have been told about.”

Nini looked down at Zim both in wonder and puzzlement.

“Different? How?” She asked.

“Details are useless.” Zim said, frowning a little.
He shook his head and his face changed back to that of a colossis. The change shot fear into Nini again, although she knew there was no threat here. Not when the creature down there was so kind. Oh, and how wise Zim was! It could even listen to her mind, like all the tales her mother told her about wizards! This was so grand, so wondrous. To actually be in the company of a real wizard, why, that must be the grandest of all honors!

“Yes.” Zim said and his ugly face curled into a smile. “ I can hear your thoughts, though, I am not a wizard of lore. I hear your thoughts, as I know your tribe was extinguished, as you want to think of it, just last night. You are the last, as I am.”

Nini sighed and allowed her wings to lower her down. She lit on a stiff blade of brown grass, looked at Zim, and nodded. Tears prickled at her eyes and threatened to spill.

“Hey, now, hey now. Tis all right, little Nini. There may be hope yet.” Zim said softly.

“H-Hope?” Nini asked, unbelieving.

“Yes.” Zim assured her. “Sometimes it’s all we have left.”
Nini smiled for the first time since the evil beings extinguished her people.

Zim leaned closer to her. His breath was like that of bee honey.

“And I know what destroyed your people, Nini. I know by what I see in your mind.”

She gasped. But of course he knew, he was a wizard after all, and wizards know everything. He gave her bright smile. She worked up her courage and asked.

“What are they?”

“Vampyres.” Zim said simply. “Horrid, suckers of life and vile cretins of the damned.”

“Vamp-“ No matter how hard she tried, she could not say the word.
But Zim nodded, he knew what she meant, of course.

“They are seeping into this world now. Soon it will be theirs, unless they are halted now, before their numbers spread like a plague. And it has all ready begun.”

Nini stood, taken aback by what the wizard spoke of. This couldn't be happening, not this. Oh Earthen God, this can’t be real!

“Ah,” Said Zim. “But it is real. You see, I am a hunter. I’ve come from afar to slay those whom escaped to this world. I am hear to kill them all.” He sighed, his eyes drifted away from her.

“But I have failed you, Nini. I failed you and your people. I am so sorry.” Now Zim’s colossis face darkened, drooped in sorrow.

Nini didn’t know if she should feel hatred or pity toward this creature. Knowing he could read her thoughts, she directed her mind elsewhere, her mother. She wished she hadn’t.

“Hate me if you must,” Zim said. “But never pity me.”

Nini couldn’t help pitying him though. And why was he in the form of a colossis if it wasn’t what he really was? Of all the creatures, why this massive form?

Zim chuckled.

“A colossis is not as conspicuous as, say, a creature that looks human by dimension. I chose it to hide from the vampyres. I could sneak up on them without suspicion. Unfortunately, I fell asleep here.”
Zim sighed.
“Hating me would be just fine.”

Zim moved away, stood on his hind legs and magically transformed into a tall, slender man with long raven dark hair. The skin of his face resembled that of white stone, his eyes glowed a somber purple color. Nini gazed up at him, amazed, and a little frightened. He looked down at her, smiling softly. He knelt down before her.

“This is my true form, little-“

A sound, like an insectile scream, for Nini has heard many, cut through the air, severing Zim’s words. He immediately straightened, standing high to see across the meadow. His all black clothing fluttered in the slight breeze; all black, save for the bright white shirt, revealed through an opening toward his neck. He looked elegant, even in a moment of panic.

“They come. Hurry! In this pocket you go!”

Zim turned to her and held open a pocket at his right breast, Nini hesitated. Zim’s eyes darkened slightly.

“Come! They approach now. The vampyers, your people’s doom! The doom of this world if we do not act! In my pocket, now!”

She gaped at the pocket, and finally lifted off the blade of grass and into Zim’s wardrobe. Once there, she felt only the slightest of breaths. Why, he seemed not to be breathing at all!

“Hold on, dear Nini. We are retreating for now. We must, for we are not ready. We go, right-now!”

Nini wondered what he meant by we, then slowly they began to rise into the air. Faintly she heard the flap-whoosh of working wings, large working wings. The grass around them trembled and crackled and hissed.

“Just be still.” Zim’s voice, not out loud, but in her head.

They rose high, far before the ravenous monsters set foot on the small spot of land Zim and Nini had occupied no more than a few seconds ago. She looked down at them, and grimaced. Then they were gliding away from the horrors on the ground. Gliding, free…Nini closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

I was a little late posting this part because of reasons beyond my control. Busy, busy, busy! But I hope you enjoyed Part 3, nonetheless. Things are forming up now, solidifying, we learn that it's not a colossis (my own made up word) but a wizard, of sorts, little Nini has befriended. But I'm not so sure If I trust this guy or not. He seems a little off to me. I don't know, what do you think?

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Fairy (Part 2)

Time stretched out like days. The night seemed to last an eternity, and she still didn't know where she was.

Somehow she managed not to run into anything, or be gobbled up by some unseen night creature. Somehow she still lived, even though she didn't deserve to. She should be extinguished like her entire species. She dared not think of them as dead, that would make it harder for her to except their passing. Extinguished felt better and didn't drive guilt and sorrow into her gut as bad as thinking they were all dead.

The fairy flitted slowly through the dark night, her side burning where one of the vile monsters that helped extinguish her people caught her with one grappling talon, burned ever deeper, but her life liquid had stopped running. Perhaps that was a good sign she might live through all this. Perhaps. But to what purpose? She couldn't continue her species, for there were no more left in this rotten world filled with hungry worms and sinister beings. All fairies, even the great Horned Fairies, were gone. Time has brought forth Death, and Death has taken them all with it to the bowls of Its chamber.

The night was blackness submerged in darkness, where the gloom was alive, and evil things capered.

She had encountered no more creatures yet, which she took as an omen of great luck. She knew there were many out there hungry for fairy flesh. Those that loved to suckle on fairy life liquid and bathe in horror.

The fairy continued onward, unable to weep anymore. And so continued her sorrow.


Just when she thought this night was forever, the sky first lightened to a dull gray and then colors, pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds, blossomed. To the far horizon, the sun, oh the glory, arose. She looked about her and despite the lightening, the fairy still didn't know where she was. From what she saw she hovered over tall brown grass. She was in a meadow of some sort.

She fluttered here, letting the warm sun bathe her in its radiance.

After a long time, the fairy continued on. She didn't know where she was going, nor did she care much. Those monsters that...that extinguished her people, might still be after her.

When the sun had reached above the tree line to what she assumed was the west, the fairy lit on a single boulder, the only one in this meadow. She checked her side. Her purple life liquid had dried into a scab, which was good, but it still burned. Her whitish skin glowed red around the horrid wound. It hurt to the touch. She knew what she needed to do. She must find some Womf Weed, reopen her wound and spread the weed juice over the gash. If she failed to do so, in a short time, she would join her species to wherever they had gone.

Suddenly the boulder on which she stood trembled. The fairy gasped and lifted off. A low groan sounded from the tall brown grass surrounding it. Her heart flitted like her beautiful wings. The boulder moved, another groan sounded. She found she was both too frightened and amazed to move. She could only float there, staring down at the living boulder.

Then the massive boulder unfurled slowly, giving way what she had feared since childhood. A colossis. It stretched, its giant maw opened and let go a long yawn. Its green slanted eyes squinted up at the sky, but not at her. It got onto all fours and before her eyes its skin turned from boulder gray to a light blue. She has never seen a colossis with such beautiful skin. Usually they're ugly giants with scaly reddish skin. This one however...

"Do tell me your name, fairy, if you must hover there above me." Spoke a voice void of contempt or malice. Why, it sounded kind, gentle. The colossis remained on all fours, looking off in the direction of the risen sun.

Unable to get a hold on herself, the fairy spoke without realizing it.

"Nini." She said. "My name is Nini."

And this concludes Part 2. Hope it was as good as the first. Let me know. And thanks to everyone who wanted me to continue with this three part story. Now you know the fairy's name, and she has met a peculiar creature, which might or might not be as kind and gentle as we would like. Let me know what you think. Part 3 is in the works.

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Fairy

Here's something I wrote just for the blog. Enjoy.

The Fairy

Through the tall, wicked razor grass and across the spoiled pond of dead things, the fairy flew in the dusky air. She sobbed as she zipped through the air. Ruination had come to her home under the Elm tree. Death had come for all of them. Her right side, just under the flitting wing, hurt badly. She felt her life's liquid oozing out. She was the last...the last fairy.

Scared and lost, the fairy slowed her progress to a flutter and glanced around. Where was she anyway. She hadn't been paying much attention. She was trying to get away. Those evil things were after her. She had watched one such creature bite the head off her own mother. The image, still fresh in her mind made her sob even heavier. She looked around, but it was full night now, and since she wasn't happy, her natural glow was gone. She couldn't see, she couldn't do anything now. If she went on she might run into something. If she did that, they would get her.

When she heard a low grunting noise only a few feet under her, the fairy froze. Her wings instinctively held her afloat, but her body went rigged with fear. The grunting continued on passed her and she let go a long breath. She had no idea of what creatures roamed the night and so her terror was absolute and continuous.

The air about her felt thicker, hungrier than it did during the day. The fairy decided to keep moving. It she kept moving then maybe she might live through this night. And so she continued on, head lowered, heart aching, side burning. She wept in silence.

This will be a three part story, so please don't yell at me for leaving it hang that that. But I'm curious, do you think I should continue on with this? Do you really want to know what happens to our poor little fairy friend? Leave a comment, and let me know. Thanks.